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Heat motors: Samsung 860 EVO drives at a great price

Is this a little taste of the promotions that await us at the great Prime Day of 2019? The USB drive The giant's famous returns to the price level exempt from VAT payment and makes it extremely lucrative

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We wait with a tense breath For Amazon promotions They will start tomorrow (Monday) and accompany us for 48 hours - but even before the opening shot, there seems to be Difficult suggestions that can not be ignored, So as always we decided to concentrate them here for you for maximum comfort. This time in the menu: Drives From a good home.

Samsung's 860 EVO is the most famous of all Samsung's 500GB Get a small, big price reduction - 70 dollars as base and 77.52 dollars includes shipping to Israel that are sufficient to reduce the need for VAT payment, bringing the final cost to NIS 280 to a value that is at least NIS 100 at the leading prices in the country.

Also the Terabyte model of the 860 EVO Received discounted and sold at $ 160.9 price including VAT and shipping charge, ie NIS 575 value compared to NIS 680 prices and more at local stores. We've already seen better deals for this version On several occasions, but if you have missed them in the past, you have a chance to partially compensate for the situation now.

HP Premium EX920 EXCNUMX with 512GB Storage And transfer speeds of up to 3,200MBps are available at the price of 70.49, including shipping to Israel, The best around.

drive Faster at a price that is lower than that of traditional SATA drives

The US-based Patriot NVORO Scorch model, with transfer speeds of up to 1,700MBps and random performance up to 200,000IOPS, is sold at 63.12 to a volume of 512GB - About 230 NIS all-inclusive.

X-NUMXGBGB Ultra-slim, ultra-slim, ultra-slim, ultra- May be yours at the price of 65.22 USD, or 235 NIS in total.


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