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High Boiling Market: Threadripper 3960X and Threadripper 3970X Processors


After the processors 3000 has captured the popular desktop processor market, comes a high market series with the goal of completely changing the rules of the game - let's see 24 processing cores and 32 powerful processing cores in action in a way that did not yet exist in the category

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A few days ago she decided to launch the chip maker Its series of high end processors to the desktop market. These processors are primarily intended for content creators and people need a lot of processing power in their residency. These processors come after two generations of growing popularity on the part .

After the dazzling success of the processors 3000 In the desktop market this year, the landing track remains clean and inviting new extreme processors to land. Doubling the number of cores and improving the operating frequencies was only a matter of time in the standard desktop market, and this translates directly to Extreme Processors, a market where the number of cores and their speed are important commodities. Retrospective, in your possession.

At the beginning of 2017, we knew that in Cook something serious. We knew there was a completely new architecture from scratch that was built to be sustainable Good, resizable according to market demands, good efficiency and large quantity of cores.

Many of us didn't want to eat the hype, no matter how much sugar. At this point before the launch of Ryzen was known as "loser", one that came out last time on the tail between the legs. Last time it was the FX processors that were huge then too In the media, and these processors have received tepid reviews and even taller performance against Core's series At the time. The performance was sometimes reasonable and at times awful. It was difficult to recommend them due to the increased power consumption, the extreme variation between test One to the other, and the platform that does not know how respectfully you will grow old. All this happened in the years 2012-2014.

The "loser" comes after a grueling three years of development into the year of 2017 and for the first time launches a genuine 8 processor for the consumer market. No mirages, no pretenses, 8 physical cores and multi-core function for 16 capillaries. At the same time, we were used to Core i7 7700K as the king of the mainstream desktop processors market. 4 cores and nothing more, because "no more need". Believing in the increased power of every core of 7700K to do the job in the face of competition, but with a similar price and nearly double the amount of resources, the Ryzen 7 1700 and its brother with 8 core began to gnaw lightly on sales . Also Ryzen 5 with the 6 cores configuration at competitive prices did not make Core i5 easy life. All the same, processors They continued to sell in decent quantities and the threat probably wasn't serious enough. Gaming performance as well as performance in the various media programs were usually at the side .

In addition, there are also ropes of birth that have not made to new ones Easy life at launch. From very inefficient use of operating system resources, through DDR4 memory support to very conservative speeds compared to those with significant speeds of . While processing Could allow memory usage of 3000Mhz to 4000Mhz and higher, uploading a computer with memory quickly 2933Mhz was not even possible on many systems at launch. The selection of motherboards was also not varied, and there were no real exotic options.

Along with these processors, is valid Also the high desktop market with Threadripper processors, where ... especially metallic for processors whose emphasis is to give as many capillaries as possible to the user so that no additional resources are needed. The Threadripper 1950X and Threadripper 1920X are processors of 16 and 12 cores respectively, a quantity that we have not yet seen in the desktop market, as the strongest of At that time, the i7 6950X has 10 cores. You can start marking victories on this war table. The continuation of the story is that Intel had to pull the trigger and convert 12-18 cores designed for servers only to Extreme Consumers.

Year ahead, 2018, in Get ready to launch a fresh line of Ryzen processors. This time, there are operating systems maturation for the new architecture, there are firmware enhancements that allow faster memory usage, updated software and new games that want more resources. Bracket - same bracket, AM4. Motherboard manufacturers come with much more faith this time around And all lines of products grow in selection and investment - there is permission to send monstrous boards really this time to, It's no longer a hit of 15 minutes. The X470 chipset led the move and B450 below left the option to do With cheaper boards.

The enhanced Zen + architecture has brought us the same amount of core market share, this time with higher operating frequencies and much more competitive performance. The Ryzen 7 2700X led the group, along with the 6 and 4 cores, all of which are multi-capillary. At the same time, Intel realizes that the competition is serious and launches Core i7 8700K, a processor with 6 cores that transversely enhances 50% over its predecessor, the 7700K. In this situation, Intel processors face significantly more competition than a year before. Although in the field of gaming, Intel continues to lead, other areas are receiving the support of processors . Suddenly there are loads of processing resources and cheap, so the 5 2600 For example, cheap hexagon cores are best sellers in the world of desktop processors, to this day in fact.

Threadripper Processors for High Market Unfortunately at that time they did not receive the desired architectural improvement. They stayed on the first generation Zen, but prices became more affordable and the maximum number of cores increased to 32. So for the first time, users were able to get an amount of cores that fits expensive servers in a fairly standard desktop bracket, the TR4 of . Due to the simple relative architecture, the Threadripper 2990WX has not always been the king of performance, as many tasks rely on the ability of architecture to transfer information quickly between cores, a capability that this processor did not have. In addition, he used an operation method that forced the memory channels to work according to the different core groups, but the processing process was sometimes very cumbersome. Extreme Processors Many tasks were performed significantly faster.

And here we come to 2019 and one of the most important micro-chip events in home computing history - the transition to the TSMC manufacturing plant's 7 nm process Produces its processors. Unlike Intel, which establishes independent factories and stops in its existing manufacturing process due to such and other considerations, Relying on a manufacturing contractor to give her products based on the architecture she designed.

With an array of architectural and software enhancements, Ryzen 3000 processors based on 7 nanometer were launched in July for tremendous and unprecedented success for . These processors have become especially popular to a level that is filling the globe on a regular basis. Even here in Israel, the land of dairy and Intel, pens are using the Ryzen 3000 processors in a consumer show that the processor world has never watched. Began to break through the niche of "understanders" and reach home users who never used processors .

The support of the existing AM4 resident, the fresh array of processors and the affordable prices make Ryzen 3000 a resounding success. The new Zen2 architecture, in addition to improving the frequency and processing capability, also allows for a multiplication of cores under the processor cap. As a result, Ryzen 9 3900X having the 12 cores was launched and most recently Ryzen 9 3950X having the 16 cores for the same AM4 resident that has existed since 2017. This time, want Premium for the hard work and price These are 499 dollars and 749 dollars gradually.

After a successful launch to the standard desktop processors, new architecture meets the high market world as well. Zen2 goes through the core 16 core and requires a new resident that will also match the advanced PCI-Express 4.0 connectivity offered These. Get to know you 3000.

This time, it's not as a gesture, not to be a replacement for Intel, not to fill a niche that other Extreme processors can't fill. Processors 3000 for the new TRX4 bracket are an entirely new breed of Extreme, with a price accordingly.

While the- Managing to make a market up to $ 750, it actually leaves Intel room for its Extreme processors in this range of between 750 and 1000 dollars and finishes there with Core i9 10980XE. The pair of new Extreme processors , God- 3960X and 3970X are taking on completely new price categories in 1400 and 2000 dollars.

They are not here to compete with the extremes who have been refreshing themselves twice in the last two years. They are here to create a new standard of performance for those who really need to go above and beyond and can't wait to bring 7 nm elsewhere. When launching offers other , One having 24 cores and one having 32 cores.

There are some serious changes between the new Threadripper 3000 generation and the previous 2000 generation. The most important and important among the changes is a master IO controller which communicates directly with all core groups and without their bridges. Information is first entered into it and transmitted to all Who can do the job.

This is what the 3970 Threadripper 32 core looks like. Cores that are inactive in the processor are marked in red, which indicates the maximum poencital we will speak at the end of the audit. Each rectangle on the side symbolizes a set of 8 processing cores along with first and second cache memory. This chip has 144MB of cache, a tremendous amount. The IO controller is manufactured in 12 nm process and the processing cores are manufactured in advanced 7 nanometer process, so does Smart use of the amount of silicon given by it .

The giant IO at the center of the chip handles communication between the cores and the processor and memory channels, among others. This processor has four memory channels of this type And support for maximum 512GB volume. Threadripper processors even support ECC memory fixes for server errors, of course having to verify motherboard support ahead of time. Unlike previous processors, there is no limit here for any group In access to . Each core will receive some She wants some stick That she wants and with reasonable speed.

Threadripper operation frequency 3960G is 3.8Ghz as the base and turbo of 4.5Ghz. The 3970X base frequency is 3.7Ghz and the same turbo frequency, 4.5Ghz. The turbo frequency is mainly attributed to the highest frequency the processor will operate with One active, this frequency decreases as more cores actively participate in processing.

The illustration is not exactly scientifically accurate, but it looks like the 3960X Threadripper processor with 24 cores. All the groups of processors operating on his older brother also operate with two less cores in each group, we know that according to 140MB cache. The same 4MB has been truncated, as 1MB for each second level group. 6 × 4 is the way in which 24 cores are obtained.

Practical Threadripper 3960X is similar to what you would get in four processors 5 3600 and Threadripper 3970X are similar in contents to four processors 7 3700X.

The resident to her These are designated as the TRX4 (sometimes called sTRX4) and have a single chipset, the.

This platform enables a large number of connections Fast standard, a huge amount of PCI-Express connections, and all without exception in the 4.0 standard. Also the connection between the processor and the chipset is PCI-Express X8 in the 4.0 standard, a connection that is 4 faster than you get for example on the platform .

It's time to pass the agile processor exams.

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