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Coming soon from AMD: a 48-core home processor

As an approximate, model too The 3980X is on the chip developer menu - bridging the gap between capabilities and prices with 32 processing units and the 64-core carrier model

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The formidable 3970-core Threadripper 32X processor was officially launched last month and picked up the performance crown in a wide variety of exams within the HEDT (High End Desktop) category, and the Threadripper 3990X processor should arrive sometime in the coming months In the fullest sense of the word with the first ability, it is certainly capable of operating 64 up-to-date and sophisticated home processing cores (quite expensive, apparently). And a very significant price gap - and so it is expected that another version will be launched between them: the processor 3980X.

Anyone who is aware of how the latest Zen 2 architecture is built from home Could probably come to that conclusion on their own, but we now get reports that reinforce the assumption that the Threadripper 3980X is real, is in Red Chip Developer plans for the near future - and will come with 48 physical processing cores (which are 20 cores more than can provide Its top-end server processors) and 96 logical processing units thanks to SMT technology.

To- 3990X has no official launch date beyond the promise that it will arrive in 2020 - but we are holding fingers at CES 2020 in a little less than a week we can get answers

A mention for the Threadripper 3980X appeared, prima facie, In the latest version of the popular CPU-Z application that provides complete and detailed technical data for the main processing units on which it is installed, and with no official additions, this model can be assumed to contain 256 megabytes of L3 cache (like the Treadripper 3990X), 280 watt power casing, controller Square channels with 3,200MHz frequency support and 64 arteries (Like all other third-generation TR processors).

Without a formal announcement it's hard to guess when exactly this formidable model might join the 3990 X in stores - but with an expected price of more than $ 3,000, he certainly won't suit everyone, just like his 64-core brother who will likely carry a $ 4,000 price tag or higher.

We now have two Futures with an unprecedented amount of processing cores in the HEDT market for which we are required to predict the official price tag

So how many cores do you need in your next home system? Let's talk about it.


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