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Hot Crisis Benefit: AMD cuts the price of Ryzen 3000 processors

The chipset's latest desktop processors are slashed between $ 25 and $ 50 from their original price by the end of the current month

Not everyone is capable of thinking about material upgrades on such challenging days, but if you don't rule out the idea - you can enjoy the latest At the lowest prices so far.

The red chip developer has cracked down on its official recommended prices for processors 7, 9 and 5 desktops from now until the end of March, at least in the first phase - and although in some cases the new slashed price is still higher than the market price for which our models have been offered it seems that in some places we are getting double discounts which brings the practical market price to a low point and pays even more, so it is definitely here A positive line to consider.

The (former) Ryzen 9 3900X flagship model, with 12 physical processing cores and 24 logical processing units up to 4.6GHz and with Wraith Prism LED can now be found on Amazon United States at a base price of $ 419.99, up from a starting recommended price of $ 499.99 and a new price of $ 449.99.

With the addition of taxes and shipping (free) to the house, the resulting price is $ 506.18, and even with the relative strengthening of the US currency against the shekel in recent days this is a pretty impressive deal at an expected cost of about NIS 1,875 including a conversion fee.

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Another small step on the way to pricing below $ 400 for a modern, advanced 12-core processor? We dare to dream

Another processor that goes down to the lowest price level is the 7 3700X octagonal cores, with 16 logic cores with up to 4.4GHz operating frequency, a low-cost 65 watt power casing and Wraith Prism LED cooling included - $ 289.99 based on a new suggested retail price of $ 304.99, up from $ 329.99 originally.

The resulting final price tag is $ 350.67 which is about NIS 1,300 including the expected conversion fee in the transaction - the best price for an octopus processor in the era of architecture 2 Great.

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The Ryzen 5 3600X Hexagonal Senior Core Model, with support for SMT technology, up to 4.4GHz operating frequency and Wraith Spire cooling included in the chassis, has now returned to its lowest cost tag for Amazon - $ 199.99 based on a new recommended cost of $ 224.99 $ 25 discount from launch price. $ 242.98 including taxes is the full cost you will need to invest, ie NIS 900 - with a three-month free subscription to the service. Game Pass for PC from home , Just like the two more expensive processor models we wrote about in the previous paragraphs.

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There is also a subscription that gives you access to over 100 different unlimited games for three months as a bonus

Other processors that have been price cut are the 7 3800X with $ 40 down from $ 399.99 to $ 359.99 and 5 3600 with a move from $ 199.99 to $ 174.99 - but in both of these cases, market prices remain at the same level they have been so far, so there is good reason to keep track and hope for another price drop in the near future that will make them even more interesting and interesting.

Who is the favorite processor with the best cost-benefit ratio for you? Let's talk about it in the comments.


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