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Hot from the oven: The NVIDIA CEO teaser for the biggest video card of all

Original article: We will soon be able to get details about the generation The intriguing one - in its configuration for the HPC market

In a few hours, the live broadcast of the online GTC event will begin For 2020, with the anticipation of some very interesting technology announcements - and until that happens, we have a short and humorous teaser video starring the CEO, president and founder of the company.

In the video you can find Jen-san Huang (who has already demonstrated on a number of occasions his fondness for light humor, along with the general seriousness of his daily conduct as one of the leading chip companies) in the kitchen, taking out what looks like the internal hardware of the DGX and -HGX which the company offers to its customers - a set of processing acceleration hardware ready to be integrated into standard server cabinets.

So far, there is no new or particularly exciting information - but then Jen-san decides to throw out the statement that this is the world's largest graphics card, when it may not be the size of the entire array, but the size of the processing core in its center, which it develops and produces. herself. Is the next generation of graphical cores, "in the oven" for a long time, according to the CEO, going to provide us with a particularly large leap in capabilities with a combination of reducing production lithography and physical enlargement of chip dimensions? We hope we will have answers to this by the end of the day . , Here we come.

The favorite video is a wink that reinforces the assumption that the Ampere generation will initially be offered only to the server and HPC markets - when in fact we do not know whether it will reach the home market later, or see again A different name for the category

updating: Rumors are running at a frenzied pace in the hours according to the official announcement - the Ampere generation GA100 cores are expected to include 54 billion transistors, with 6 HBMe chips on the same substrate (up to 96GB per core) and a statement on Up to 2.5 times the 64-bit floating point calculation exactly compared to the accelerators The market leaders.

The DGX-A100 platform is designed to include eight Tesla A100 boosters with the same awesome GA100 core, and deliver Up to 5PetaFLOPS for institutional, government, and business customers in a relatively compact configuration - with an initial price tag of $ 200,000.

This is what the new DGX-A100 system looks like - the one whose internal components were presented to us by Jen-san Huang in the video in question

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