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Hurry to buy: Fresh hardware deals in Amazon

Today's operations in the huge online store include a variety of products At great prices as always

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Did you miss them? After a few days of respite The hardware world is returning to Amazon and big-time - but you'll need to hurry up and take advantage of them in the next few hours because they will disappear in no time. As always, we have collected the most favorable offers for you in one comfortable place.

Ultra SanDisk UltraSD microSD card with 200GB volume Sold for $ 32.1 only, including shipping, approximately NIS 120 and even less if you choose to combine your purchase with other products in total less than the VAT exemption threshold.

SanDisk Extreme Extreme Series XSD Card with 256GB Sold for a final price of 50.48 dollars only, or approximately 185 shekels - and if you want to go on the top edge you will also buy Model 512GB Impressive at the price of 172.07, including VAT and shipping, does not exactly pay the same level, but if you need maximum volume and performance this is definitely an interesting option.

The Corsair Ironclass gaming mouse, which is mainly adapted for role-playing gamers and MOBA games, is available at the price of 69 USD or 255 NIS - In the wireless version His.

A mouse with a colorful illumination and good performance at a price that is as low as NIS 55 than that available in Israel

Western Digital My Western Digital My Book Book (6) Sold for $ 129.89, including VAT and shipping, or NIS 475, a great deal for all those who bought the 10 Terabyte and the super-cheap 8 terabyte a few days ago and were notified of the cancellation due to a company error.

External backup drive is almost half the price of the domestic market

Western Digital Digital SSD SSNUMX TB drive Generous is sold at the lowest price to date - 242.87 dollars, which are 880 shekels.

One of the most advanced USB drives on the market, SanDisk Extreme Pro Which reaches 420 Mbps transfer speeds per second, is available at a price lower than the Israeli VAT exemption threshold for 256GB - a price of 68.57 USD, including shipping to Israel, ie approximately NIS 250.

Prefer compact USB drive across the drive External without compromising performance? This is the model for you

Quite an interesting proposition Up to the latest ZenBook 15 laptop, With a minimal frame screen, Core i7-8565U quad-core processor, memory 16GB, 512GB's NVME drive and a sample video card GTX 1050 Max-Q at the price of 1,431.43 USD including VAT and shipping to Israel, approximately NIS 5,175.

Integrated with SanDisk's rugged SSD hard drive and one 256GB USB thumb drive Offered at a total price of 207.48 USD including VAT and shipping, approximately NIS 755 - very worthwhile for anyone who needs both of these products together.

External Western Digital Drive 2 TB Sold below the VAT exemption threshold - 72.45 USD includes shipping to your home, which is approximately NIS 265.

Internal mechanical drives from various manufacturers, series and volumes are also sold at reduced prices: The Toshiba S300 model is 4 in terabyte and 5,400 rpm Which is suitable for recording systems, is sold in 125.08 (NIS) Western Digital Blue 6 Tbyte With 5,400 rotation speed rpm sold in 155.04 USD (NIS 565), model Red Western Digital 8 terabyte With a rotation speed 5,400 rpm is available for 226.41 USD (820 Shekels) whereas Western Digital Red Pro 6 Terabyte עם Thanks to the speed of the 7,200 rotation, rpm will cost you 214.18.

For dessert, SN750's Western Digital SSDs are offered at reduced prices: Model 500GB without heat sink Will be yours at the price of $ 109.25 (approximately NIS 400) And the same model along with the dedicated heat sink Will cost 132.71 USD (485 SHEKELS), when One terabyte model with heat sink Is priced for $ 254.39.


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