• HWzone's 15 forum meeting

HWzone's 15 Forum Meeting

evening Good for all surfers and forum members,

In the best tradition, HWzone's 15 forum will be held this month.
The purpose of the forum meeting is to allow all members of the community to meet outside the forum walls, get to know each other face to face and of course - have fun. All forum members are welcome to come and take part in this activity. We want to hear your voice on the world of computers, hardware, gadgets, our site, forums or any other topic you want to talk about during the meeting.
The meeting is planned forMonday the 2 in January 2006.

During the meeting, several prizes will be distributed:

Computer Air Conditioner - PC AirCon by Waffer

Genius Wireless Multimedia Mouse

In addition, additional gifts from MSI, XFX and other companies will be distributed.

Please note: We have set some minimum conditions to participate in the lottery, in order to prevent people who are not regular forum members to appear at the meeting for the lottery only:
Every person who wants to participate in the lottery must bring a printed page of their user profile in the forum system (note: the "summary" page must be printed on the profile - the page this. Any other page printed will not be accepted).
In addition, the user must have at least 10 messages in the forums system, when messages from the meeting date are not counted. Messages in the general forums are not counted, and of course spam messages, flooding, messages going on Forum rules And messages intended to upload the message counter only, will be deleted and disqualified from participation in the lottery.

The meeting will take place as usual, at the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv, and the initial gathering will take place on the Haifa promenade on the fourth floor of the mall At 13: 00.

The planned hallow is:
13: 00 - Gathering and opening officially
13: 45 - Collect all the lottery participants' profile pages
14: 00 - Gathering on the dining table floor above To the McDonald's restaurant for a healthy lunch lunch!
15: 00 - Back to the Boardwalk
17: 00 - The holding of the lottery and the distribution of prizes to the winners

The dispersion will be independent and spontaneous in the evening.

Please note: Every member of the forum who wishes to participate in the lottery must forward their profile page to the site representatives until 13: 45. Pages submitted after this time will not participate in the lottery.
In addition, the winners of the lottery must be present at the meeting when the winners are called - a winner who fails to collect the prize he has won, the lottery will return to the same prize.
Visitors who wish to join us after the official opening are invited to view the meeting schedule, and join us at the appropriate time and place.

Hope to see you at the meeting,
Team HWzone.


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