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Modding Gallery of HWzone

Modding Gallery of HWzone Has been around for a number of years, and is intended to enable the community of samples and moderators to show their works to all visitors to the site.
Throughout its existence, it has accumulated many projects, yours, and contributed greatly to the development of the Modding community in Israel - including many modding competitions, One of them led by HWzone.

Modding is a comprehensive name for creating a computer case or other part of the computer, original and unique to the author. In fact, everything can be done, from cutting and bending the case, painting various parts of the computer, using special lighting, impressive effects and interesting material. Electronics & Modding Forum Here at HWzone is the largest database in Hebrew on the subject, and a very large range of projects being built these days you can find In the Forum project logs our.

In our Mudding Gallery There are already over 180 complete projects of original blue and white modding, and the Israeli community certainly has something to be proud of.

There have been several technical improvements to our Modding Gallery recently, and it is now better and more friendly than ever.
All site visitors are welcome Visit, respond, and rank The various projects. Access is through your user account In our forums, So there's no need to sign up and / or sign in twice!

Users who wish to add their project to the Modding Gallery are welcome Fill in the submission form.
Users who have previously submitted their projects, and are not yet added, are requested to resubmit the project after checking that it meets all the conditions.

Enjoy surfing,
Team HWzone.

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