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HWzone's Year Products for 2015: The Bold Mobile

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

The year is over - and so is it The summary Our triangle, with the leading and most innovative products in the opinion of the news reporter and editor in chief, Alex Shapiro.


AMD's CPU cores are not cost-effective, but revolutionary

Somewhere in the middle of the year 2015, when it is in the midst of a succession of losses and significant technological inferiority in the face , Probably not too many people believed that- There is a chance of making a comeback in the world of graphic cores. Nevertheless, the veteran Sunyville developer decided to collect all the resources and capabilities they had left, and to go the full length with tickets in modern and improved architecture, and with Innovative and revolutionary approach that opens a window to a new and intriguing era.

The cores are spoken The cores of the Fiji course, Which formed the basis for the Radeon Fury X, the standard Radeon Fury and the Radeon R9 Nano. These models were certainly not flawless, with very high price tags that in most cases and uses still had difficulty dealing with competing tickets from home , A very modest homing potential and a minimal range of unique and customized models from the various manufacturers. And yet - in the coming year, with especially high-speed HBM2 memories being a standard component in every video card for the mid-high market, remember that this was mainly due to this .

Fiji Core - History will judge its level of news and its impact on the future of graphical processing

The Fiji family of Help make (Which enable the creation of miniature printed circuits for powerful graphics cores) and also water coolers in a closed system to a new standard in the market, and this is a significant achievement that is certainly remarkable and praiseworthy.

SSD 750 Series: When Intel Launches a Drive, You should pay attention to it

Despite being an additional product that is really not intended for all low-budget people, Intel SSD Series 750 Drives Managed to impress me more than any other storage drive that came to market in 2015. After several years in which the various vendors in the market were able to exhaust all the capabilities and performance that the SATA 3.0 had to offer, it was time to move on to the NVME standard for flash chips and to fix the PCI-Express on the connection of the drive to all other system components - and the first to do so fully Was the chip giant in question, Consumers are almost a hobby.

The 750 drives, which came in the form of a PCI Express-expandable card and a plump 2.5-inch 2 drive, Unprecedented with almost 3 terabytes per second while reading and writing sequentially, and up to a second 900 megabyte for random operations, and well illustrated the tremendous potential that exists when the aging AHCI and SATA devices are disconnected.

A relatively large drive that was the first to introduce us to the great capabilities of the NVMe standard

A few months later We have also seen Samsung launch its Pro 951 / 950 series, which offers features and capabilities similar to those introduced by the family of - and in 2016 we definitely expect to explode in the field, with more and more products that will be based on PCI Express connections both as an M.2 and as a standard expansion slot on the motherboard, And supporting PLCs As a standard that enables us to express the full performance of the flash era.

It will probably take a considerable amount of time for SSDs to become a winking product for the average home consumer for whom price is the most important parameter - but thanks to We know that the possibility exists, and that is where we have to aim.

Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15: The bold mobile

The laptop market has become quite drowsy lately, with AMD becoming weaker in both its processors and its graphics cards, To a kind of re-selection for most models and manufacturers, with the feeling that the difference between product and product is rapidly decreasing. It is good to discover that even in this situation, there are still certain manufacturers and products that stand out above all the herd - in this case we are talking about the latest XPS 13 and XPS 15 models .

Dell's computers do not include any unprecedented technical specifications, but include high-quality construction, keyboard and touch surfaces of the highest quality viewed on a Windows-based computer, InfinityEdge technology With a very thin envelope that allows them to be significantly more compact than all the competitors that come with the same physical screen size.

No unnecessary gimmicks (at least some consumers think), such as a pivot that rounds 360 degrees, a detachable keyboard, an almost impermeable body or touch screens by default (you can choose a touch screen model if you want, by the way) XPS is a choice with very few compromises for anyone who wants to go against the current, and focus on efficiency, usability and performance.

Looks great, works great

The XPS has never tried to be the cost-benefit champions in the category, and it continues to be true in the new incarnation - but in the opinion of many, and in our opinion, they are worth the investment for anyone interested in an exciting and really interesting PC PC now more than ever before. We hope that other manufacturers will find the same 'magic recipe' that Dell has found so that the PC world will no longer be needed For marketing campaigns Strange like this In order to prove that it is still relevant.

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  1. I never understood what enthusiasm about XPS. Even within a low-end brand, I always preferred the LATITUDE (High Series).

  2. As for the SSD, Samsung 950 drives are already available in the country on major networks, so the 951 is for OEM only and had to be ordered from overseas much less relevant ... Significantly cheaper than it to a similar level of performance.

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