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XWUMX HWzone's Year Products: The screen that gives everything

For the New Year, and especially for the year ending, the site's reporters have come to choose their 2015 products of the year in the field of computers and hardware

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After Lior's election, It's time to see what are the products most impressed in the past year by our newsletter, guides and reviews, Uri Carmi.


ASUS PG279Q - the gaming screen that gives everything

In the distant past, if you wanted to play on a screen with a refresh frequency greater than 60Hz, you had only one option: to give up the LCD screen technology and return back to the CRT for only a refresh frequency of 85Hz. LCD screens offered plenty of sizes, panels and designs, but one thing remained the same: the refresh frequency.

Little by little, LCD screens appeared to return the lost ones as they passed: a higher refresh frequency. They proposed up to 120Hz of refresh frequency and gamers with a sufficiently strong video card could sense a significant difference compared to the standard refresh frequency of 60. However, breaking this limit forced the use of panels of a rather cheap type that forced users to choose: faster or more visible, or more beautiful to the eye.

Over the past few years, the image has remained relatively similar, with small breakthroughs such as an increase in 144Hz refresh rate, higher quality TN panels, and so on. But the idea of ​​a truly high quality panel with a higher refresh rate than 60 still looks like a wet dream. Until this year, nothing happened.

The need to choose was over: Swift PG279Q

The ASUS PG279Q Is a new gaming screen that bursts all possible borders at once and in a totally brutal manner, leaving no other blank area (except for the wallet): with a broad resolution of 2560 × 1440 on the size of 27 ", it not only offers a quality IPS panel with refresh rate Of 4ms only, but an inconceivable refresh frequency of 166Hz along with support for G-Sync technology of Which even gives an even smoother gaming experience.

With such impressive data, and despite its relatively high price (about $ 799), it has captured the world's heaviest users and gaming sites in recent months and has won numerous awards and accolades. For this impressive breakthrough, I choose the Rog Swift PG279Q screen As the best screen of 2015.

Windows 10 - the system that returned users to the center

5 The last few years have been fateful for Microsoft, which tried to introduce a more innovative operating system into the market and into the hearts of consumers, 8, and in fact gave the opposite effect: massive flight of both private and business users, which hurt its name and especially its sales.

Even when it released the improved version, 8.1, it did not exactly help and users still chose to move away from fire from a system that is too changed in its interface from any system Previous, what put the 8 is the worst-selling operating system of all time.

10: Restore user confidence

Since then many waters have passed through the river, and several people have been replaced at the top of the pyramid. Thus, after an unprecedented slump brought by Windows 8, Microsoft announced a new system, which it released to the market this year: Windows 10 System. One that not only listens to the users' feelings and returns what is important to them (the Start Menu), but continues to improve and innovate.

Whether it's Microsoft's marketing step to allow free upgrade to it for a year or whether it's because of the return to sources, the pleasing interface and other innovations, 10 restored trust to users and recorded record highs. Today, after only a few months, it can already be seen almost every second user, fast and perfectly stable.

So right, 10 is still a bit short, like 7's interface design capabilities and slightly controversial settings for some users, but the company's efforts are evident and it can be seen that it is constantly improving. Last November, we won its first major update, with many more of us promising later. For listening to users, for proper planning and especially for smart marketing, I choose the system 10, and hopes to get even more impressed with it in 2016.

Intel - Mahtob in the new era

Since the first Core i7 processor has been released A lot has changed. The processors have shrunk from within, and from generation to generation we have received a certain percentage of performance improvement, enhanced graphics core and cooler hearts that go even further when talking about .

but I think The sixth generation of Core i processors Brings with him, perhaps, the best round in the series. And when I say in the series, I'm not talking about just one category. On desktop computers, 6700K is definitely an impressive processor to start with. It comes with a very fine improvement in processing percentages and takes along with it a large number of applications the performance of the previous Extreme generation and offers capabilities Which according to reports around the network are moving up to the 4.9Ghz frequency on air, all in a thermal envelope of 90W only and at fairly low temperatures.

The sixth generation of - has never been better

Another derivative of it, one even more impressive, is what it brings to the mobile market, M, which offers a thermocouple of only 4.5 watts along with Which do not shame the firm. At the top of the list, it even brings to this market a quad-core processor Has an open product that can reach up to 4.4 GHz in Overclock and compare performance to desktop 6700K with a thermal envelope of 45 watts and convenient temperatures per Who knows how to cool himself. I'm speaking of course about 6820HK.

But the top of the top is the platform it comes with, Z100 series that not only brings with it built-in support for the technologies we loved earlier, but also gives freedom to technologies that is a milestone such as Type-C and full-width M.2 connection. For all of this, I'm more than proud to choose SkyLike as the best development of 2015.

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