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7 Important innovations in the great November update of Windows 10

Microsoft released the first massive update for its new operating system, and has a number of interesting additions

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Yes, First Big Update For windows 10 launched just before A little over two months Already out. The same update that formerly bore the code name "TH2" and is now called by Microsoft (in "November update". And if we put the etymology aside, it's a more massive update than usual.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is expected to remain on the market A very long time, And will receive updates and versions over the next few years, updates of this magnitude, among others. But this update consists mainly of a collection of features that were supposed to come from the outset, but due to lack of time were postponed to a later stage.


The update is now available to users Windows 10 Through Windows Update gradually, so if it does not appear, it will happen soon. If the computer was upgraded to 10 windows less than a month ago, the November update will not be available earlier to allow a previous version of 8.1 or 7. Even so, Microsoft allows Manually upgrade the version, or download the ISO file that comes with the new update.

1. Put in new colors

As with any major update, the changes start above the surface - in the interface look, and go under the hood, by the way. (More below) At a very early glance, these changes cannot be expected, but once you start using the interface itself, you can see some nice points.

Windows, with the exception of the settings interfaces, now appear as in previous systems with highlighting the color selected above, rather than greyish and more lifeless. This time, unlike the 8 windows, the color of the text can adjust itself to the background, so you will not see black text on a black background, which I personally disturbed in Windows 8.


To help look more innovative and unique to Windows 10, right-mouse menus share a uniform black-gray style. Minor change, but you can not argue with the fact that it looks good.


2. The Start menu is more flexible

In the interface you can see several new options, some of them quite useful. The most prominent of these is the Start menu, which gets a little upgrade. You can now design the tile menu in the Start menu in a slightly more efficient way. Instead of choosing a large or small tile, you can now choose more sizes similar to 8.1 windows, such as tiny or medium tiles. In addition, the maximum number of tiles in the Start menu has been increased from 512 to 2048. We wish success in realizing this ability.


3. multiple - smarter

Aero Snap, the friendly multi-window interface with 7 and helps users to take advantage of the entire screen space, is now smarter and more efficient. When you attach windows and ask to reduce the size of one of them, the interface will redistribute the size available for the rest of the windows in the array.


Make use of pinning This change is more than welcome. There is no longer any need to expand Manually and you can just keep going. Thanks, .

4. Cortena knows how to read notes

While Kurtana, unfortunately, is still irrelevant to the Israeli user, the changes made to it cannot be ignored. Now the personal assistant is smarter. Let's start with what she now knows how to read notes - notes that are visually and textually written.

Source: pcmag
Source: pcmag

Of course it doesn't end here. Microsoft seems to be investing a lot in continuing to develop Cortana, and even making it accessible to other regions and languages ​​- as of this update, the Hebrew language and Israel are still off limits, and we still hope to see it soon.

The additional changes at Cortena continue to be used without the need for account , View of PDF documents using Edge, and a number of other options related to the Cortena cellular area, such as sending SMS messages directly from it, synchronizing call history and alerts on missed calls.

5. Find my device

Microsoft takes the familiar method of Android and iOS mobile devices and also the operating system For a list of operating systems to help you find your device in the event of lost or stolen. In this case, using this option becomes quite useful - we doubt you'll lose your laptop, but if it's stolen - you'll be able to get it right.

Of course, like the cellular equivalent, location services need to be lit. Should be active when using this option. By connecting to your account from another computer, this will communicate with your device's current or current location.

6. Edge

Like Cortina, Continues to improve its new browser, Edge. In this update, the browser is supported and improved stability, and even some very basic options not included in the browser so far, such as saving components from pages And automatic password synchronization.

However, despite the lack of basic features such as these so far, Edge also gets something useful that is not found in the other browsers, and now allows for a "peek" into other tabs that open in the background when you hover over them. When working with multiple tabs you can definitely say I find it useful.


7. Speed ​​and stability

We kept the good to the end: the most important part of such updates is sub-surface work, that is, debugging and other stability issues. Even before entering the statements themselves, you can feel the process of increasing the operating system to the ongoing work quickly improved.

When accessing the statements of Itself, get a little more idea: the new update shows an incremental increase of about 30% compared to 7 windows on the same system. We also did not receive numbers, but the speed that was felt earlier was promised as an improvement in system performance compared to its virgin version.

Another interesting point concerns the cooperation between And Microsoft: Along with the above, users using the new Skylake processors are getting up to 50% faster, at least on paper. The reason for this is the support of 10 Technology Which Processors Make use of a called Speed ​​Shift.

Tests done show a significant improvement in CPU performance And updated 10 windows, although they reached a partial improvement percentage of up to 25% as opposed to the declared 50%.



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  1. I have updated this version, but for some reason some of the things do not appear to me, for example the option for additional sizes on the extension or highlighting the color in the title of the windows, which has not changed and no option to change also through the settings. Does anyone know the reason or solution to the problem?

  2. No change in appearance and colors after my update. Maybe because I don't use the same interface
    I despise?
    Performance - Still about 15 to 20 percent more CPU utilization compared to 7 windows.

    Can't find any advantage in the 10 windows over the 7.

  3. Neither do I see any of the improvements mentioned in the article even though I updated the operating system on time and have been using 10 for almost six months

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