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Radeon RX 5700 models with enhanced cooling - even at no extra cost

Company representatives Declare that they offer their own RX 5700 XT models with their own design and cooling, even at no extra charge beyond the base set by AMD

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In recent weeks, we have been given clues to the potential for speed and unmatched performance that exists for AMD's new Navi cores in a situation where all factors work together optimally - and although this is something that has not really come to fruition In the reference versions of the Radeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 5700 XT models That are being sold in stores right now, we continue to hope and believe that versions that offer much greater freedom of action to the partner manufacturers will be able to surprise us in a positive way.

Now it seems that the surprise of designs in a dedicated and custom design for The RX 5700 family Be able to surprise not only the maximum performance - but also the prices, to our delight.

The promising teaser - unfortunately without a hint for the initial prices of the standard RX 5700

Taiwanese TUL's PowerColor brand, which is one of the oldest collaborators with AMD in the graphics processing industry (even since ATI was a separate manufacturer), has released a teaser on the official Twitter channel, promising that dedicated design models will arrive very soon - with the assurance that the price for Radeon RX 5700 XT versions It will be the same as the reference model we sell, 400 dollars.

These are the pair of models The only ones of As of today - let's hope the selection is greatly expanded within a month

A large number of affiliate manufacturers prefer to launch dedicated design and development cards at a price higher than the base version where design and engineering are dictated by the developer itself (AMD or NVIDIA) so as not to create excessive cannibalization of models - but PowerColor seems to be preparing for increased competition Hold fingers that this decision will also bring other manufacturers to line up, both for The RX 5700 XT for $ 400 and the RX 5700 for $ 350 Who needs it even more (because every extra dollar to cost will bring him closer to his big brother who demonstrates a significant priority in performance).

Certainly, there will be significantly more advanced and expensive RX 5700 models than recommended prices - but in the end, the range and selection as large as possible will allow everyone to make a profit

First Navi models Exclusive design של The various partner manufacturers עבור The stores should arrive by the end of August or early September.

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