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Indulge in games even in 2020: AMD's exciting bargain

Are considering purchasing The E- The fresh? You will now have two or three better reasons to do this - depending on the model you choose for yourself

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In recent years she has been successful Creating increased value for its graphics cards, even when they were at a significant technological disadvantage over those of the competitor, thanks to quality bonus packages offered to buyers - and the leap to the Navi Architecture seems unlikely to change access, to our delight. By 2020, consumers who choose Enjoy two and even three recent titles as a free addition to their video card, in the frame Raise the Bar that is becoming official now.

Buyers of the cards RX 5500 XT, or laptops with the RX 5500M, will be eligible for a three-month free subscription to the Game Pass for PC from home - as well as codes for digital copies of the Warcraft 3 Reforged games (if you are willing to forgive Blizzard for the unfulfilled promises), Ghost Recon Breakpoint (if you are willing to forgive Ubisoft for the disappointing launch) and Resident Evil 3's remake that has not yet been officially launched.

New games stand out for many of the products The new ones - but not for everyone

Buyers of cards RX 5700 and The RX 5700 XT will also be eligible for three months Game Pass too Free of charge - as well as Resident Evil 3's remake and a package that includes the successful Monster Hunter Worlds and its recently launched large-scale, high-quality Iceborne expansion pack.

The free games deals will be officially available until April 25, 2020, with consumers receiving the codes after the purchase will have the opportunity to run them and get the title practical by May 25, 2020 - so don't forget to take advantage of your right as soon as you renew Severely over the next three months.

Red developer wants to emphasize that free registration to the service Game Pass too Gives access to the updated and impressive version of Halo: Reach - but it's worth mentioning that the service has more than a hundred different titles available unlimited

All other video cards from home , From the Radeon RX 560 on the lower end to the Radeon RX Vega and Radeon VII models on the top, will only qualify buyers for a three-month free registration bonus to the Xbox Game Pass for PC gaming service - with the major disappointment expected of those interested in Radeon The latest RX 5600 XT, which will win its purchasers a free three-month free subscription, with no additional bonus games like the Navi generation. It is likely that the extra performance has had to give This model, with the announcement of a cut in GeForce RTX 2060 prices, has caused concern about the sales of the model The more expensive RX 5700, which is what caused the gaming bonus to skip over the mid-version launched last month.


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