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Business Indulgence: The AsusPro B9450 Cellphone at an unprecedented weight

How light and compact it can be Having an 14.1 inch screen? Asus will soon have a decidedly surprising answer to this wonder

We hope and believe that the new 10 nm processors The Ice Lake family will be compact and efficient enough to allow the creation of innovative computer systems we haven't met before - and Bassus seems to agree with us, with a plan to launch Extremely light business over the next few months.

The AsusPro B9-B9450 model will be offered with a FullHD resolution 14.1-inch panel with all four corners, in a body made of lightweight magnesium alloy that enjoys military standard MIL-STD-810G standard (presumably in low-impact, shock-less tests) From 15 millimeters at the thickest point and a standing weight of only 880 grams. very impressive!

The Ice Age era is getting into high gear with Impressive

Inside the laptop, you'll find the new 10th-core Core Core processors (It is unclear whether these are 9 watts or 15 watts at this time), built-in LPDDR4X of 16GB or 32GB, built-in storage based on a pair of NVMe drives up to one terabyte each and possible to run on a RAID 0 or RAID XNX array 1ax Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt 802.11 standard supported Ice Lake generation, 3 TPM chip built-in for enhanced information security, built-in camera Hello for face recognition and built-in 33 watt-hour battery.

Is it possible that Bassus successfully compresses 'U' processors into the 15 watt power supply with this lightweight, lightweight model? We'll find out soon

Another version of the AsusPro B9-B9450 will be available with the same specifications but At twice the capacity of 66 watt-hour (which will probably affect the maximum thickness of the device) - just as impressive as 990 grams alone. Basus has yet to reveal the exact date of the promising computer's availability, nor has it revealed what it will know - although it is likely to be a high price, as is a good product for organizations and business people who are usually willing to spend substantial amounts for their specific features.

The Compact Keyboard Missing Key Wing will be completed virtually on the device's touchpad - as we have seen in some Others of in the last year

It is worth noting that in the past we have seen several high-end laptops weigh less than one kilogram, both from home And its unique Gram and home series And its Swift family - but weighing less than 900 may well be a new high in the category, while at the same time there seems to be a bad chance that the Ice Lake generation will allow us to get a great variety of Featherweight, instead of the exotic and minimal variety that was available in previous generations.

A pair of connections 3 in configuration Type-C, Full Size HDMI Connection and New Mini Ethernet Connection on One Side - Headset and Microphone Connection and Connection Type-A one from the other

Enthusiastic about the fresh B9, or think there are far more important technical features than the weight of the computer that deserve greater consideration than the manufacturers? Let's talk about it.


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