The first performance tests for the Mobile GTX 980 indicate a bright future for HWzone
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Initial performance tests for the Mobile GTX 980 indicate a bright future

The most powerful mobile video card in the world does the job and offers capabilities that are very close to those of its stationary twin

Two weeks had passed since the bomb she had thrown at us With the Mobile - A mobile version of what was the most powerful single-core desktop card until a year ago, with minimal compromise on hardware and performance capabilities. Now, we get a practical illustration of the capabilities of the new card, and it looks very good.

The notebookbook, which specializes in portable processing power, received an example of the Clevo P870DM, which will be one of the first in the market based on the shiny new card, and took the opportunity to quickly run a few tests Central and also three relatively recent gaming titles - and the results before you.


As you can see, the site has found that the Mobile GTX 980 is capable of delivering performance that is completely identical to those of the GeForce GTX 980 desktop computer which also includes the Core i7-4770K processor - probably because the same Clevo P870DM It is more compact and compact with a built-in battery and screen, which is based on a processor i7-6770K desktop (yes, there are animals like this in the top alphabet of the mobile market). However, even with a "standard" quad-core stationary processor, it seems likely that the Mobile GTX 980 provides Very similar - at least in any software and application where the bottleneck is not due to the processor itself but to the graphics core (which happens in most descriptors which require serious graphical processing capabilities).

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The performance of the Mobile GTX 980 is still, in most cases, less than that of arrays Of the GTX 980M and GTX 970M cards - but on the other hand they are 20 to 27 percent higher than those of GTX 980M, while avoiding the infamous Micro-stuttering problems in multi-card arrays using the AFR

While the Mobile GTX 980 itself (or even more crazy with two of them) will only be part of unique, expensive, massive and extremely rare laptop systems, the very ability to include such powerful hardware on a laptop, and make it work to its full potential, is not Less than amazing - and we can only hope and guess how this whole area can evolve in the coming years, with the arrival of the promising Pascal generation (and the corresponding Arctic Islands from AMD), God- Compact and highly improved production process at 16 nanometers.

In a year or two, can we see desktop-level video cards on relatively popular laptops? We hold our fingers
In a year or two we can see Desktop-level "on computers Relatively popular? We hold our fingers

Until that happens, you are invited to tell us your personal opinion about Mobile , And all the mobile gaming platform that grows in general.

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