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Sane replacement for Surface Pro for less than NIS 2,000, maybe?

project Of Chinese Chuwi is coming to an end - with a very competitive offer for those looking for a Windows-based tablet

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Chuwi's compact PCs have already proven to be a bad option for those who are not interested or able to invest a fortune but still want to be reasonably useful for their money - and now the company is trying to translate its positive reputation into the Windows-dominated tablet industry, too. The Surface Pro family (luxury and quite expensive) from home .

The UBook Pro offers an 12.3-inch touchscreen IPS panel and 1,920 × 1,280 pixel resolution, plus a dual-core m3-8100Y chip (or a more basic model Celeron N4100), 3GB LPDDR8 memory, drive 256GB volume, system 10 and 38 watt-hour battery - a metallic casing with a built-in leg that lets you place it comfortably and at various angles on a user's desk or lap, with the option of adding a touch pen and dedicated keyboard cover to make this user experience Full (or close to that).

Tablets with system Become more popular and popular - and more makers want some of the pie

The tablet has a reduced HDMI port, a pair of connectors Type-A and also connection One Type-C - Weight of 780 made it almost identical to the weight of the devices The latest Pro, though even larger in 9.9 millimeters thick (compared to 8.5 millimeters in value on Microsoft devices).

Chuwi can boast a variety of connections greater than that of the expensive central competitor many times - and there is also the possibility to purchase a charge separately -PD for charging through the Type-C connector, instead of the dedicated power connector

The UBook Pro managed to raise more than NIS 750,000 from nearly 500 different purchasers, with three more days left for the recruiting venture you can join, if you like: a base model with Celeron N4100 processor (but still with 8GB of RAM and 256GB for storage) , Keyboard cover and touch pen with 2,048 different click levels Product for only $ 400 price includes free shipping to the country, ie a little over NIS 1,400, while model with processor m3-8100Y Old but economical, keyboard cover and a touch pen priced at 500 Dollar includes shipping, which is less than NIS 1,800.

Performance will not be breakthrough, but flexibility in use should be great - for quite a few consumers this is enough, it seems

There is no argument that this is not the most powerful and sophisticated Windows tablet on the market, but at prices below NIS 2,000 and even below NIS 1,500 - you probably won't find another model that comes close to the features offered by Chuwi in the category. Have you been impressed? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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