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Intel's Coffee Lake processors are ready for further refresh

About six months after the initial launch, updates For the motherboards of the leading players, we are exposed to a new supported sub-version that will reach the stores soon along with updated budget models

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At the end of 2018, we got Intel's ninth-core launch from Intel for desktop, which is also second among the Coffee Lake family (and received the nickname Coffee Lake-R, or Coffee Lake Refresh) - with up to eight physical processing cores And using thermal brazing instead of ointment At the interface between the chips themselves to cover their heat diffuser. Did you think this ended the story of this family? It turns out that we will soon see another update of the models that are still not quite clear - alongside the launch of the At various pricing levels.

כל Manufacturers Motherboards The central ones For cross-platform platforms Launch updates for your In their products, the purpose of which is, among other things,-R - New Stepping that will receive the documentation as R0 instead of P0 in the models we have met so far. This change is indicative of some improvement in Intel's manufacturing process, with the potential to make processors a little more efficient and cool.

More models On their way to us

Along with updated versions of Such as the Core i7-9700K and the Core i9-9900K, which will probably appear in stores in the near future, we continue to wait patiently for the launch of models Whose existence has already been leaked on several occasions: i9-9900T that will provide eight processing cores in a power supply envelope of only 35 watts, i7-9700F octagon without a built-in graphics core, models i3-9100 and i3-9300 quadrilateral cores as well as models And Celeron are updated for price levels of less than $ 100.

Information from a Fujitsu company that revealed We haven't officially known them yet - they're likely to come with updated R0 stepping too

Will these launches come in line with the generation of E- The first nine months later this month? We'll soon find out.

Have you finished Coffee Lake? Also worthy of note is the evidence we received for the Comet Lake generation, which will probably be the last in the 14 era (As has been said of at least three previous generations), with the potential to see models with a record number of up to ten physical processing cores, both on computers and on computers (Including six processing cores in cost-efficient U processors) based on code lines observed in the Unix system kernel.

Further growth in the number of processing cores in the mainstream market is expected towards the end of 2019?

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