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Intel's invisible processor

A single Ice Lake model with an enlarged 28-watt power casing has disappeared from the chipmaker's official records - only products from Will be able to enjoy these capabilities in the current generation

The challenges (or failures, as can be defined today without too much guilt) of As part of the 10 nm chip manufacturing process, we have produced some interesting features that we have not experienced before - such as the launch of 10 nm models Parallel to 14 nm models Veterans actually compete with each other in some categories and price levels, with an advantage for the built-in core graphics performance and an advantage for the overall processing cores performance for each of the respective families.

The U10 family of Ice Lake mobile processors proved to be significantly upgraded for the Iris Plus graphics cores, but at the same time offered significantly lower operating frequencies for CPU cores over mobile U processors in As a quiet testament to the difficulty of obtaining widespread low-output chips - which also probably explains why Intel chose to stick to lithography In the desktop processors world as well as in the mobile H processors world for now.

Full list of Ice Lake processors on site , With the NG model pair (which the company itself defines as exclusive to one manufacturer) - and without the i7-1068G7 we heard about earlier

However, one processor model was supposed to stand out and glimpse the potential of the Ice Lake generation when providing a larger and more efficient cooling system - the i7-1068G7, with four cores at a base frequency of 2.3GHz, maximum turbo frequency of 4.1GHz (for single core), Graphics with 64 performance units and a 28 watt power supply instead of 15 watts by default in all other models. Intel said in early 2020 that this intriguing model would be available to computer makers during the first quarter of this year - but now that we're already in the middle of the second quarter, this program has also changed and probably just been backstage.

Model i7-1068G7 stands out at the top of the list in the declaration of the family. Is it possible that Apple simply purchased all available inventory, or are there other considerations we are not aware of?

Any mention of the Core i7-1068G7 model has disappeared from the official site Where you can find information pages for all of the company's products from the present and the past - while in its place have been added to the database a pair of models i5-1038NG7 and i7-1068NG7 - Both with an enlarged 28 watt power supply, but exclusively for corporate laptops , With a recent premiere on the mobile phones Pro 13 inch.

Some comparisons can be made between the unique chipset capabilities of MacOS and other CPU capabilities 10 - but this will only be a partial comparison, in which it is difficult to counteract the effect of the various operating system components on the data obtained

It would be interesting to test the performance of the 28-watt Ice Lake models on the MacBook Pro compared to a head-to-head against the 15-watt Ice Lake models and the 15-watt Comet Lake models - but unfortunately the windows system people couldn't Get yourself a mobile that includes these capabilities, even if they want to. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the Tiger Tiger mobile processors scheduled to arrive later this year will be able to offer us Enlarged together with a variety of larger models.

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