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Intel's new generation of processors: some are already on the way, some are delayed

Processors Powerful to the mobile market should appear in commercial products in no time - but it seems that processors Upgrades for desktops will be delayed due to technical challenges

The bulk of the attention of Intel and its partners in the huge CES 2020 show Awarded for future generations destined to arrive sometime towards the end of the year and beyond, In the form of the 10-inch portable Tiger Lake processors and of course the first graphics processing cards in the new Xe architecture - but until all this good and interesting land is on us we expect a picture of the tenth Core Generation product with the Comet Lake code name. What exactly is going on there and when? The answers to that are still not entirely clear, especially after a rather surprising disregard for Herself at her official public event.

Intel officials have confirmed that Comet Lake mobile versions of H, with a 45-watt power shell, are expected to appear on different laptops before the end of the current quarter, that is, before the end of March 2020 - thus strengthening existing Comet Lake-U models with four And six cores of processing in the 15-watt power supply, ahead of the competition that will be much tougher this time around .

The mobile processors received a public teaser at the start of the CES 2020 exhibition - but were not mentioned at the company's official press conference at the event

Comet Lake-H models have not yet been revealed in their name, but Intel has provided a teaser with promises of unprecedented maximum operating frequencies of more than 5 GHz for the first time in the mobile market (probably thanks to the use of Turbo Boost 3.0 technology) in versions i7 and i9 - which will offer up to eight physical processing cores and 16 logical cores as opposed to six cores and 12 cores respectively in the generation-H previous.

Competition in the mobile market is going to heat up in a few months, it seems - with the generation of 4000 on the one hand and-H from the other side

Another intriguing processor from home Expected to reach us over the next three months is the i7-1068G7 - the first in the family With an enlarged 28-watt power supply instead of 15-watt, this will allow it to offer a significantly increased 2.3GHz basic operating frequency and a maximum turbo frequency of over 4GHz. It will be interesting to see how many automakers in the field will choose to use such an exotic component - and how much the increased mantle will contribute to improving the quality and modern built-in graphical core performance that hides inside.

So what about Comet Lake-S desktop processors, which are supposed to bring the blessing of HyperThreading technology to the family of i3 budget while increasing the maximum number of physical cores on the platform from eight to ten? Here things are more complicated, with rumors of extremely high power consumption that could cross a 300-watt peak at its peak due to a continued reliance on a 14-nm veteran manufacturing process.

Some affiliate makers of Hint at using Comet Lake desktop processors - but no official information from Intel itself is hard to tell for how long it will take until we can purchase these products in stores. Will this happen before you reach us series 4000 stationary?

Intel itself and the platform's motherboards manufacturers (with an updated Z490 chipset) are forced to make engineering and adjustments that will allow Comet Lake desktop processors to work as required, and these moves appear to be delaying the official launch and even the official announcement yet - That- Continues to celebrate with the Its 3000 which include both 12 cores and 16 cores.


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