Intel's new baby: Core i9 processors with record amount of HWzone cores
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Intel's new baby: Core i9 processors with a record amount of cores

The big chip manufacturer was not resting in the face of the advancement of the processors, And it's going to launch two series of Extreme processors at the same time - in a few weeks

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Last year, with the launch of the HEDT processor generation that meets Broadwell-E - we received a first-of-its-kind processor for the home market that includes no less than ten physical work cores (and 20 logic thanks to HyperThreading), after several years of the absolute maximum provided by us Manufacturing was eight cores. According to the same trend, it seemed that we would have to wait a few more years until we could see massive processors with an even larger amount of cores, but to our delight, then came the Ryzen era of - And he seems to have devoured the cards when it comes to the pace of technological advancement in this material market.

The rumors speak of the intentions of the red chip developer to offer us new upper market processors with 12 and even 16 processing cores, and it seems that Prepares her counter-blow to this program - with planning to bring us two series At the same time,-X and(Which will help narrow the generational gap between the mainstream families and the HEDT families), which will contain four cores, six cores, eight cores, ten cores and even 12 processing cores, for anyone who wants to get the ultimate combination of dedicated programmatic processing and ready To pay the high price that would be required to do so.

One photograph sheds a new light

A new image leaked to the network purports to show us the model numbers and technical details about the new supercomputers - and confirms that 12 physical processing cores (and 24 logics, of course) are in its design, for a launch that will likely be in the Computex exhibition that opens in 31 in May. If you are based on the new information, you should start getting used to the Core i9, which will join three of the oldest sub-series of Which have accompanied us for seven product generations, and will now receive an addition that will try to demonstrate more clearly the company's progress forward (compared to treading where they felt quite a bit of consumers in the last five years, when the practical competition in the market was minimal).

The new documentation that gives you permission for a great deal of data and recent rumors

Many cores, for the rich only?

The new Skylake-X family will provide us with processors i9 with six cores, eight cores, ten cores and 12 processing cores, one model with each array (at least for now), all with open frequency multipliers upwards for execution And HyperThreading technology is enabled to obtain twice as many processing arteries in applications that have been customized. What do you think of gaming in 24 logical cores? This is something we can examine soon, for the first time.

All these new models will enjoy a memory visitor With a high base speed of 2,666MT / s and support for four channels (up to 128 gigabytes), and all will be offered without built-in graphical cores - as is the case with the HEDT (High End Desktop) family of models. Eight and ten cores should be available for purchase in stores at unveiled prices next month, while the super model i9-7920X will arrive in August for all those who are willing to consider an investment of over NIS 10,000, and possibly over NIS 20,000 in their next gaming system.

Year after ten cores - we're probably getting another jump in the home market, and hope content creators and apps are already preparing themselves to support it

Kaby Lake for maximum speed

The Kaby Lake-X family will be a somewhat strange creature in the home products landscape , Which will function as a kind of easy upgrade to the existing Kaby Lake processors, Refresh that we received three years ago - with a four-core and eight-logic model and another four-core physical and logical model, though this time without built-in graphical cores, and based on the new HEDT, Basin Falls and Chip platform Respectively, in combination with a brand new chassis that will receive the name LGA2066.

On paper, there seems to be little difference between the Kaby Lake-X models for the Kaby Lake models that are available now, when all these models will support a pair of channels 16 and PCI-Express interfaces will be available for the peripheral connections on the motherboard (although based on different platforms and seating), but in practice a larger thermal envelope and the removal of the graphics core in the X models should allow greater flexibility in the work, which will result in maintaining higher frequencies over time And probably also potential Improved both in its stability and size, so we can only hope that the price tag of these models will be as similar and as close as possible to the mainstream K models.

Other small testimonies from the chain to the existence of the latest models

how much?

The-X will be offered with a generous amount of dynamic memory channels, as befits the most expensive and advanced family of its kind, but it should be noted that they will include more large numerical data - a thermal envelope of no less than 160 watts for 12 models and 10 cores, and a thermal envelope of 140 watts for octagonal and hexagonal models, as well as 44 PCI-Express arteries and 28 PCI-Express arteries for these model pairs, respectively, to support large numbers of M.2 drives at maximum bandwidth and to create arrays with several Without a bottleneck and without the need for dedicated bridge chips on the motherboard.

Add to this data relatively high working frequencies of 3.3GHz as the basis for the 4.5GHz Turbo mode for the models-X, and between 4GHz as the base for 4.5GHz as turbo-X, and you've got really intriguing products that have at least a chance to be a big and significant line in the market that has been somewhat drowsy ever since the first octagon model was launched, somewhere in the middle of 2014.

The top model frequency data has not yet been revealed - but we hope for a base frequency of 3GHz and a turbo frequency that will reach 4GHz

Motherboards manufacturers We have already begun the task of tweaking and building the interest in future motherboards that will be based on the " The new one, and it may appear that they are officially announced just days before the processors themselves are revealed, in about a week or a week and a half - depending on the timing of the removal of the embargo, the information they will decide on Intel itself of course. Be that as it may, one thing still remains murky - and it's the prices we expect in this new family.

Promises us the "best motherboard ever" - but what will be the cost of Hesse's pleasure?

In the past we saw Intel putting huge price tags for its Core X processors, but that was at a time when " The cores And now that there seems to be a good chance that we will see 16 processors cores for the home market from the red player, it is very possible that Intel will have to cut price tags to stay in the top. After we have already seen a processor at a price of not less than 1,700 dollars, is it possible that we now see a downward trend towards the 1,000 rate, as was the case in the past? We hold our fingers to a positive answer. And you?

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