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Ivy Bridge Extreme at the Door - What to Expect?

If unofficial information from Intel is correct, the performance of the new Extreme platform will be improved Will not be too significant
According to information revealed by a recent road map of the city , Similar to the company's current Extreme Series, the new series will also include three . This time it will be two With six cores and one with four: Core i7-4960X, Core i7-4930K and-Core i7-4820K. Guess alone who will include several cores. All processors will maintain a heat emission envelope of up to 130 watts.
Apparently, Intel chose not to increase the number of cores in processors, although it was possible and the working frequencies did not increase significantly. The new processors will be compatible with motherboards that have a bracket LGA 2011 And probably will not be a great performance improvement compared to the processors they are replacing. On the other hand, there is no Any pressure to launch Faster or stronger in the highest performing market.
The table is courtesy of Xbitlabs.com
The real news will come in the server market. Where Intel has something to prove, because some manufacturers have started to entertain the idea of ​​server-based ARM Instead ofx86 Which has dominated the market so far. This will increase the number of cores per processor up to 12 and quantity Cache from third level up to 30 megabytes. All processors will probably be available during the second half of the year.

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