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Intel: The 3-D NAND memory revolution - in the coming year

The chip giant will launch advanced stacked chips over the next year - ensuring they change the face of the SSD market

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Samsung has already started off Celebration of her three-dimensional memories Earlier this year with the launch of drives The V-NAND The first, and although we have yet to see a definite purpose view of the great potential of this technology - there is no doubt now that the next year will be entirely on the mark 3D In the world of storage.

Those who will join the trend during the year 2015 and power is none other than Chipzilla, who She announced That together with Micron will bring 3D 32 layer memories to the market that will deliver an unprecedented storage of 32GB on a chip basis Single - this is based on MLC technology, when using the TLC technology to store three bits in each cell will increase the volume of storage in each Stacked to 48GB.

Intel believes that 3D chips will bring the ability to market standard 2.5 inch drives in the next few years (compare this to the largest mechanical drives available today in 10 inches - 2.5TB and even more significant thickness and weight). Will allow you to store terabytes of information in the medium Having a thickness of only 2 millimeters.

In addition to being able to compress much more information into a given physical size, 3D technology should also allow for more competitive prices on the one hand (less surface area, less chips, less wiring and all that implies), and better performance on the other hand Time and bandwidth are significantly better). So if you have not yet succeeded in convincing yourself to purchase a drive - It's very likely that next year will be a very good time to make the big move.


Intel expects chip- Its three-dimensional change will bring about a change in the market's agenda regarding price levels


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  1. It is more interesting to me what the prices of these new chips will be.
    Because even that way the price per gigabyte in SSD is high. So if it stays at the same level of price per gigabyte, 2 and 3 Terra discs (which are just "tasting" according to the volumes the article is talking about) will jump to the most inaccessible prices ...

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