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Intel Announces Launch of Core-X Processors in Tenth Generation for PCs

As promised, Today is officially launching my processors -X of the 10000 series, also known as 10th Gen . This series mainly brings a big discount to those who are interested in its Extreme

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Last week Intel decided ahead of time Reveal new details about processors Next X for its LGA2066 bracket, the third series of processors launched for the spoken bracket.

While this is the third series of processors available to the LGA2066 resident and the X299 chipset that accompanies it, the architecture (Cascade-Lake-X code name) is based entirely on the Skylake-X we knew with the 7th Gen series of processors More on 2017. Thus, similar performance should be expected in the same core and frequency configuration.

Granted, the big news is of course the price. Intel answers the serious competition coming from And decides to price my processors The new X in the most aggressive way we have seen so far in product pricing from one generation to the next.

The new processor models along with official prices

As mentioned, a drop of about two thousand dollars by i9 9980XE per thousand with the i9 10980XE. Now 18 cores are priced much more accessible to the top end platform computers. 16 cores configuration goes free, and the next queue processor contains 14 cores. You i9 9940X the changer i9 10940X at a price tag of only $ 800 instead of the $ 1,400 requested by the i9 9940X.

The trend continues with the 12 and 10 cores models that now seal the bottom of the bracket. God- i9 10920X requests about $ 700 compared to the $ 1,200 requested by the i9 9920X, and the i9 10900X will be yours for only 590 dollars compared to the thousand dollars which is the price tag of the i9 9900X.

So, she decides Changing its "because we can" pricing to "because there is competition" is a pretty serious move that will probably continue to project in the direction of standard desktop processors in the coming generations.

The new processors on the platform have some changes and improvements. Although it is technically possible to use the volume of 256GB memory in the LGA2066 bracket today, there is also a promise from On the subject. The turbo frequencies of cores, and the smaller amount of cores used, also accelerate thanks to smart algorithms. So, can Ensure performance Those in the games will still line up against the fastest available standard brackets.

Intel has developed a new 2.5Gbps fast network controller that joins the platform as standard. So far, if motherboard manufacturers wanted such cattle, they would have to pay a significantly higher price than the one needed for cattle i219-V standard at standard 1Gbps. Of cheap, reliable and available controller like the i225 should bring 2.5Gbps to the masses, even outside the LGA2066 bracket.

Also, as a developer of WiFi 6 AX200, on At least the moral obligation to embed the advanced WiFi controller on new LGA2066 boards.

We are generally happy about the side Intel has decided to take with the Extreme resident this time. Only four models, with a very clear price separation and customer segmentation that makes sense. We do think there's a name like that i9 10980XE is a tad too long, and we would love to see names just shortened - i9 X980E and i9 X940 are, in our opinion, great examples of shortening the name and keeping all its important parts in place.

In the graphical-core desktop processors (F), Sharpen what recommended prices it gives generation processors 9th Gen. The price difference with the processors since it contains a built-in graphical kernel usually ranges from 5-7 percent to most, with the top of the list i9 9900KF is priced at 463 dollars.

At the bottom of the list is a fairly interesting processor that has already begun to sell in the local market, is the i3 9100F. Processor with 4 cores and 4 capillaries, together with the turbo function for the first time in processors i3 desktops up to 4200Mhz frequency. It sells for less than $ 1. Definitely an interesting option for those that gaming is a first priority on a particularly cheap computer for them along with a dedicated video card.

Availability of processorsThe new X 10000 will start as early as November, but we expect to see it increase only as 2020 begins. The Targeting availability text for November tells us that the inventory may not be in bulk and any sales area in the world may be limited in the quantities available. It is known to provide processors The past year has not been as healthy and strong as it was in previous years.

We will of course bring as much coverage as possible to these processors as they become available, as well as new companion products in the LGA2066 bracket. Stay tuned!

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