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Comet Lake processors at half price: Intel presents latest Pentium and Celeron models

Prepare for the arrival of computers Budget and Modern, with Gold 6405U and Celeron 5205U

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Launch of the Comet Lake processor family It is non-standard compared to the approaches and methods we have become accustomed to seeing from the chipmaker in the past - both because it comes alongside another 10-chipset family called Ice Lake, and also comes in limited clusters, with only four models launched in the first wave. Now we are getting the second wave in the family, which is not focused on increasing supply in the series i3, the i5 and i7 - but chooses to squeeze into the budget market, the one in the middle of it To the company's atomic architectures.

The Pentium Gold 6405U is a dual-core processor with HyperThreading technology support for four actual processing capitals, with a basic 2.4GHz operating frequency without Turbo Boost technology support, LPDDR3 memory support or , A common cache memory of 3 megabytes of L2, Built-in UHD Graphics (9.5 Generation) graphics with maximum 950MHz speed and a recognized 15 watt power supply, much like most other U-type processors.

Family The mobile is expanding, though not in the manner and method we would expect

This model also includes significant compromises with respect to the The most basic of the modern (half the cache, more basic graphical kernel and the familiar turbo capability that allows to bump the practical performance for short periods of time), but it will be interesting to test its performance, especially against a model such as the i3-10110U has the same number of physical and logical cores, but at almost twice the price of 281 dollars versus 161 dollars (both in large scale purchases for manufacturers, as is the case for non-market products for home users).

There is not much technology here with respect to Pentium and Celeron mobile models from previous releases - but at the very least there is a very clear distinction between these products and the More expensive and sophisticated, so there is no reason for consumers to be confused about what they can expect when purchasing

The Celeron 5205U is an even more basic dual-core model, with no support for HyperThreading technology and with only a basic 1.9GHz operating frequency, with no turbo capabilities of course. It includes the same cache, same humble graphical kernel, and the same support for dynamic Pentium 6405U memories, but at a recommended price of 107 dollars, the older brother of the two may well be a more successful compromise in computers Such budgets and others that will be based on the coming months.

Comparisons with other low-cost Comet Lake processors, as well as cheaper core-based Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake Refresh processors , Is expected to be interesting

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