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Video Review: Intel Core i3 9100F Processor - Why the Cheapest in the Series?

We took a tour of one of the chipmakers' most interesting products, created by the need to continue to climb processing power for all market segments. How powerful the architecture model is To be yours for less than $ 100? The answers inside

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Not every computer system today is built with the most expensive and powerful processors on the market. Offers an interesting product for those looking for a particularly cheap gaming processor. The i3 9100F is a 4-core processor running at frequencies up to 4200Mhz, making it one of the most recommended gaming processors for $ 90 or less.

Today the processor The i3 9100F is available in Israel for about NIS 350. For this price you can get a processor that gaming is the job the processor can do best, even with Advanced.

Of course, the world of processors in the price range of NIS 300 to NIS 500 is particularly busy, and this is without regard to seasonal silage. At the lower end, we found the 9100F as a season on demand.


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  1. a question:
    Is the article / coverage / review just one page?
    Looking for more and there seems to be none.
    (Maybe I have a problem with ADDONS?)

    1. Well if I was wrong and the coverage is in the video, please delete my comment?
      Thanks (Let me know to check out the videos)

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