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Intel's counter-attack: details on new architectures next month

After the announcement of Cascade-AP processors with up to 48 cores, the next step of Is a press conference in which they talk about future architectures, much like AMD's New Horizon event

Display of AMD Technologies It continues to resonate across the network, and at the same time Intel seems to be preparing its heavy cannons for response - announcing an event that will address future architectures and take place on Tuesday, the 11 in December.

It is still unclear what exactly this show will concentrate on, but the network's expectations are that it will serve as a one-off replacement for IDF conferences Developer Forum) that were eliminated in the year 2017, and served until then as a platform for technical explanations in depth on the technological developments embedded below the surface in its products for the professional audience.

A dedicated event that will explain to us why Has decided to go towards MCP processors?

A reasonable bet about the conference theme of Will be the Cascade Lake generation technology that will allow the company to snap two chips together into one formidable processor that was officially announced just a few days ago (hopefully we will also find out what the bracket will support this piece) - with a little luck we can also get details on the architecture of The processors In 10 nanometers, and perhaps even some information about the preparations for the launch of dedicated graphic processing cards somewhere in 2020.

Another possible topic of conversation will be the first commercial product of the Nervana division of the company, which answers the code name Spring Crest and is scheduled to launch during the coming year with dedicated capabilities and maximum performance for useful And deep learning.

Information about the Nervana Family Accelerators will be welcome - the big purchase of From two years ago, which is supposed to help it create advanced heirs for the Phi

We will keep our fingers crossed that as many of these intriguing areas will become clear in the near future - and of course we will keep you updated with all the most important details.

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