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The ninth generation is flourishing: Intel is expanding its family of desktop processors

9 series of processors Landed a few months ago and is now being complemented by other models in the mid-market - on the way to increasing the processing power available to consumers

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Core i9 and Core i7 Desktop Processors The 9 series is nothing new since it was launched a few months ago with the first eight-core processor To analyze this market, i9 9900K.

Along with this processor, processors such as Core i7 9700K and Core i5 9600K have also been launched to replace those with the 8 prefix the year before. So far, many 8 processors have been sold as new and unique in the 9 series Closes a circle with a variety of new models to help fill the holes.

These models are usually digitized with slight improvements in the operating frequency over the 8 series. Also, of course, they are suitable for chip motherboards , Z370, H370, B360 and H310. Of course, make sure that the BIOS is updated to support these processors.

Alongside the 9900K and the 9700K, there are "K-free" versions that block the possibility of overclocking. This, of course, along with a reduction in the price of 50 dollars and 40 dollars less respectively. 9600K also has an 9600 processor in which the option is canceled for a low price tag on 50 dollars. The F versions are versions where the graphics processor has been disabled in the processor and therefore a video card is required in the system, so the situation with i7 The new 9700F.

In the range between 120 and 200 dollars, a lot of new blood also entered with i5 9500, and also in the F version. The i3 9350K is a processor with 4 cores and 4 capillaries with the possibility of speeding the price tag of 173 dollars (similar to other processors with 6 cores And 12 capillaries that enable this in the market today). God- i3 9100 becomes the cheapest four-core processor in the group for a price tag of 122 dollars, i3 8100 today. The processor frequency was raised to 4.2Ghz in turbo mode compared to the static mode of 3.6Ghz in an effort to i3 8100.

In fact, this is the first time that this series of processors under the Core i5 receives Turbo's Boost High frequencies.

Along with the standard processors there is a whole new series of Energy-efficient with only a heat envelope of 35W, these are the T-processors. The group is led by the Core i9 9900T, a processor with 8 cores and 16 capillaries that reaches the maximum frequency of 4.4Ghz. It will be very interesting to see how this processor addresses the physical challenges of space and heat emission for performance. These are blocked for haste and contain Graphically structured.

Under the $ 100 category are the upgraded Pentium and Celeron processors. All of these are based on the Coffee Lake architecture, too. In the popular category of 60 dollars there is the Pentium Gold G5420 that comes in the frequency of 3.8Ghz. All these processors include graphics cores and come in heat envelopes of 35W and 54W according to model. This is the only new series that does not support Turbo Turbo's technology .

We are waiting to see updates on the price and availability of the new processors and hope that they will take advantage of the opportunity to profit from the audience whose possibilities have expanded recently.


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  1. מוזר שעוד יש לאינטל i3 כאשר ה-i5 במחירים מאוד נוחים. לא הגיע הזמן שהסידרה הזו תבוטל לטובת השוק הנמוך? אולי לקרוא לסלרונים ולפנטיומים i1?…

    1. גם סדרת ה i3 עברה שדרוג.
      האמת הגיע הזמן שאינטל יציעו ht בכל המעבדים שלהם.
      i7 8 / 16
      i5 6 / 12
      i3 4 / 8

      אבל זה לא משנה, גם ככה amd בקרוב שוב יטרפו את הקלפים 🙂

    2. שמתי לב שאת ה i3 מציעים בד"כ למחשבים משרדיים או למחשב ביתי עם תקציב דל.

  2. מה דעתכם על ה 4/8?
    נראה לכם זה ברמה של 4/8 שהיה לפני שנתיים כגון 7700?

  3. Quote of 1stcowgirl

    שמתי לב שאת ה i3 מציעים בד"כ למחשבים משרדיים או למחשב ביתי עם תקציב poor.

    אם מחשב נייד *בארץ* שכולל i5 עולה היום 1800 ש"ח, אז אין סיבה.

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