Introducing the MuscleBook: eight cores for ultra-mobile laptops

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The chip giant announces the series New for laptops that want a large amount of processing power 9th Gen for laptops

Not every day we hear about the new power available to us on laptops. Today she decided Focus on the higher series of laptop processors and announce the launch of the arrangement The ninth generation of computers .

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These processors are intended primarily for mobile workstations and gaming, for those willing to compromise on weight but not on performance. these are 9th Gen just like desktop processors, and there is also similarity in branding.

So far such configurations and responsibilities have been available Eight-core processors to the mobile world, but this is used by hungry chips for electricity and other restrictions. Now, it will be possible to receive With four to eight cores in a relatively conservative heat envelope of up to 45W only, which makes it easier to engineer the computers themselves and thus the weight and battery life.

The launch of the new platform for laptops will not only come in the form Strong. Among other things you'll find in today's launches are a new ultra-fast WiFi controller, support for 128GB system memory with new memory sticks and an interface 3 via Type-C as standard. This interface enables very wide connectivity to peripherals such as screens and external drives.

The processor Core i9 9980HK Is the same new octagonal cores processor Launches alongside a few younger brothers in this series and devises a new term for these muscle computers - Musclebooks. Processor similar to i9 9900K on desktop computers on several levels. Just like him it contains 8 cores and HyperThreading technology that allows 16 capillaries.

This processor enables overclocking and is expected to leap up to a respectable frequency of 5Ghz and short periods of time and in a few cores. Unlike the 95W heat envelope for the desktop processor, the heat envelope of this processor is 45W only. Of course, the reduction will come at the expense of lower frequencies in the ongoing work. The processor has a version that does not allow overclocking i9 9900H.

The new processor series includes refreshments for existing models and improved operating frequencies compared to the previous series, just like the 9 generation compared to 8 generation in the desktop computer market. You i7 8850H existing changer 9850H and so with other models.

It is reasonable to assume that we will see the Core i9 9980HK in various configurations and speeds of various laptops, mainly 15.6 inch and 17.3 inch. This is subject to the decision and design of the various notebook manufacturers. You can certainly expect relatively light and thin models alongside heavy work monsters. Of course, alongside these processors we are also expected to see advanced video cards such as the RTX series of .