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Intel Launches the 955 Extreme Edition Processor

Intel today launched a very quiet release of the first 9xx series processor, which is also the most powerful and expensive high-end processor to represent Intel in the near future, Extreme Edition 955. In recent weeks rumors have been circulating that the 9xx series, including the 920, 930, 940 and 950 processors, will be launched today, but will be launched at 5 in January, on the first day of the CES exhibition, together with The core of the Yonah And probably also with the core of the Cedar Mill The new logos of the company. To date, the NDA has been removed only above the Extreme Edition 955 because it is the only one that appears On the company's website And the unit on which it was permitted to publish reviews.
This is Intel's first dual-core processor, which is based on the Presler core manufactured by Intel's new 65 nanometer manufacturing process. The processor boasts a clock frequency of 3.46 GHz and an 1066 bass and each CPU Presler core is assigned a 2 megabyte of the L2 cache. The processor also includes HyperThreading technology, which doubles the number of processes the processor can handle simultaneously with 4 (each core can handle two processes). This is in contrast to the less powerful version of dual core processors (the standard version of the Pentium D), which can handle only two processes at any given moment. And the latest addition to this processor is Virtualization Technology (VT), which Intel calls Vanderpool.
On this page Intel's website shows a comparison of the Extreme Edition 955 processor with the Extreme Edition 840 processor. Unlike its predecessor, this processor, according to the company's website, is recommended to integrate with the new chipset, the Intel 975X (it is not yet clear whether Intel's 955X and NVIDIA nForce 4 Intel Edition can deal with the processor. The nForce 4 x16 Intel Edition of nVIDIA will be able to handle it without a problem) and the price of the processor, designed for particularly heavy users, is 999 $ (for a quantity of 1000 units!).
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