Intel accidentally discovers the next generation of tiny HUzone NUCs

Intel accidentally discovers the next generation of tiny NUCs

Intel saves money on hackers and does it themselves - the company "accidentally" released the next generation of its tiny computers, the 2.0, with New and upgraded wireless capabilities

Computers The new Intel Corebook

Oopsie. Next generation bluetooth Intel's small desktop computer Leaked - by intel. The new specifications that the company has released The NUC computer Displays a device that preserves its compact dimensions but with a nice addition of .

God- 2.0 displays a completely redesigned structure that now comes with two inputs An 3.0 on the front of the computer, one of which has a yellow internal coating, may allow charging of connected devices even when the computer itself is turned off. These connections come next to the 3.5 millimeter input to connect headphones (or any other Aux cable) and an IR sensor to the black part of the front of the computer. In addition, the images hint at new wireless capabilities in the form of NFC or , Apparently made possible by a changing cover at the top of the computer, a new and very interesting feature.

Additional next-generation information includes support for DDR3L SO-DIMM RAM, mPCIe input, SATA III (6 Gigabit per second) SATA input, and M.2 support for Core i3 and Core i5-5000 processors The new Broadwell section. The information further suggests that the thickness of the smaller version of the PC- The new (containing Internal SSD) is only three centimeters (compared to 3.5 centimeters in the current generation), compared to the larger version (capable of containing a standard hard disk) that is about two inches thick.

With all the information that Intel has released itself, we can quietly wait for the official launch of the next microcomputer .


The computer (Right), the new motherboard of the tiny computer (in the middle) and the disconnected cover (left)


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  1. The NUC really is a nice creature, but how are its prices compared to the competition?

  2. This is not a cheap product but a niche product. Anyone interested in a beautiful computer in the living room that does not look like a cage of monkeys in a china shop is willing to pay.

    IR is really interesting. You have to see how supportive signs / phones will work with it.

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