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Intel Unveils New Generation of Processors: All You Need to Know About Kaby Lake

The chip manufacturer announces the seventh generation of the family's processors -, based on And includes some interesting additions

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The chip giant Today announces that it is opening a new generation of To all types of markets. These processors are manufactured in an advanced process of 14 nanometers and constitute the next step in the evolution of home and mobile processing power.

The new CPU series code name is Kaby Lake and is the successor to SkyLike, which we know as popular processors such as the Core i7 6700K for the desktop market and Core i7 6500U in the laptop world. Like Skylike, the Israeli team at Intel, which besides bringing us a lot of pride, has an impressive record of important achievements and developments for Intel. And public users.

At Cave Lake Has placed great emphasis on several technologies that enable significant improvements in processing power and power efficiency. It seems that it depicts the new processors as processors that excel in multimedia, those that were produced in order to deal much better with content that is common today on the Internet and in the entertainment world as a whole.

kabylake1"New Media Engine" - this is perhaps the most important component of the new Kibble Lake processors and the catalyst for performance and efficiency that will greatly drive the world of laptops. In the new generation, assimilation Coded Advanced as part of the chip's own hardware. This encoder promises to significantly reduce the amount of processing power required for the display and processing of Of various kinds. Thus, the encoder will enter into operation when the processing power is low or a large battery saving is required to display High definition.

The same engine is made up of three parts, the first is the encoder, the second is a video processing engine, and the third is actually part of the same Which transmits the signal to the display medium.

The improvement in overall out-of-video processing compared to the Scailex generation is not expected to be drastic and stand at a few percent. The great emphasis of In this refreshment, it is simple to get on the processor with tasks that seem to take away unnecessary resources and quickly empty batteries in the mobile world. When it comes to gaming, SkyLike owners can stay calm when they choose. In fact, it seems that the owners of Aswell and Broadwell can continue to use their existing platform as long as it is gaming.

kabylake2In terms of launching times, today Releases its Core Series mobile processors in heat envelopes between 4.5 and 15 watts. Popular in the coming weeks in new mobile models are the i7 7500U and i5 7200U next to i7-7Y75 mainly delivered in the most advanced ultrabooks.

kabylake3The operating frequencies of the new processors are not significantly different from those existing. They bring memory support Sleeping next to memory New. The Core i3 7100U does not have a turbo function, and its maximum operating frequency is 2.4 GHz. The three processors have two processing cores with the HyperThreading function that enables two additional logical cores for advanced parallel processing. The heat shell of These are 15 watts only.

kabylake5The desktop processors will be launched later this year and will be compatible with the existing LGA1151 chassis. They are expected to support H110, B150, H170, and of course Z170. This is in addition to new and updated LGA1151 chipsets that will flood the market by the end of this year.

An important technology that will accompany the Civic Lake processors is also the 3D Xpoint announced by Intel a few months ago. Here you can get an explanation On the Optane drive that developed a new world of means Extremely fast. We hope to quickly drives Mechanical will be a part of the past and will be talked about as technologies that have passed from the home user world.

Stay tuned as we bring you more information about the upcoming series of Chevy Lake processors And a wide range of technologies that the processors use.


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  1. Excellent! Yakir Duger Ben Slonimski
    Silicon Valley will be at the peak of investments this month as they prepare for the holidays and next quarter

  2. Quote: "At Key Lake Intel has made a big emphasis on a number of technologies that enable significant processing power improvements and power efficiency"

    In short, every year the same mantra is worn. Enhancements Enhancements Enhancements… But at the end when you barely check 3% improvement.

    1. They have no competitors because of that there is no progress.
      Should see what happens to AMD, maybe their ZEN series will change performance and lower Intel's high prices

  3. Looks like another plain processor with a bit more processing capability. "New Media Engine" looks like a minor improvement to the graphic core.

  4. It's not clear why i3 continues to sell.
    If they already eliminate the Muslims (the renewed 'Pentium' and other weak ones) and make the i3 a Moselle, otherwise it has no advantage over the i5.

  5. Not really, a slight improvement in performance, left with 14 nano, nothing in line. Whatever the 5 generation processor does, these processors will do pretty much the same thing. For those who work with a dedicated video card, I don't think there is a difference at all. Until there is no 20% improvement in single-core performance, and at the same time 6-8 cores in the processor and power consumption decrease - this is not a significant improvement. For me - a company that invests lightly and efficiently today will provide much higher value than a processor upgrade.

  6. I only care about the temp _ (and if there is interest in electricity)
    Is there a way to get an 4.4 turbo and stand on 60C? _ If so then there is something to talk about ..
    if not…
    So just purchase from OCUK one of the 4790K that stands at 60 degrees minus the effort (yes they sell processors that they tested, there are also proclaimed processors that come to 5G at a convenient temp)
    This will suffice me up to 2020.

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