Intel and Qualcomm, head to head with HP

After we received the hybrid Envy x2 model as one of the first windows models with Snapdragon 835 - comes the version of the - Which makes it possible to compare data and capabilities

HP is providing us with a range of interesting products to explore as we travel through the CES exhibition, with the first Kaby Lake-G mobile phone being given the opportunity to be impressed with the Envy x2 again - this time in an alternative version with Intel's Kaby Lake chip, With the Snapdragon chip that was released a few weeks ago as one of the first products on the Windows on The intriguing.

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The new Envy x2 includes an ultra-efficient Y-series ultra-efficient dual-core processor that has been adapted to a larger thermal envelope of 6W which is expected to improve its capacity by about 20 per cent of other average Y chips, 12.3-inch touch screen, 1,920 × 1,280 pixels and Gorilla Glass 4 shielding and 4 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes of dynamic memory soldered, 128 gigabyte storage or 256 GB based on the NVMe-enabled drive system 10 version Home, Bang & Olufsen stereo 5 front megapixel camera, 13 rear megapixel camera - and integrated magnetic keyboard and touchpad cover included in the product price.

The new model features a more up-to-date keyboard coverage

The specification is similar in part to that of the Envy x2 based on the Snapdragon 835, including the integration of an XMM 7360 LTE modem for wireless connectivity almost anytime, and a passive passive cooling system - but the size of the windows version is slightly enlarged, 7.9 millimeters compared to 6.9 millimeters in the (For the tablet component only) and weighs about 800 grams compared to 700 grams.

The Snapdragon 835 (right) and the - Similar, but also different

The performance of the Should be preferable, at least in many test points, while full back support for x86 applications is a bonus - but battery life will be significantly better in the X-, With 20 working hours as opposed to 16 working hours in the XNUMX version,, Which are also impressive for such a thin and easy product. There will also be support for quick recharge, up to 90 of total capacity within an hour and a half.

It will be very intriguing to get head-to-head reviews of this duo - it will help to understand whether windows are on There is indeed a chance of success, or failure is almost inevitable

The updated Envy x2 model will be offered for sale this March, with the main disappearance being the price as of now. One of the main points of attraction for Windows computers with Qualcomm chips is supposed to be lower price tags than anything that characterizes Intel Core-based products, and we do not yet have data on whether a low price of several hundred dollars, increased battery life and compact dimensions will give -Windows on The victory in this battle, despite the built-in programmatic limitations of the platform? Apparently, in a few months' time, with the arrival of official reviews, we can provide an answer.