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Intel and AMD celebrate all the way to the bank

A rivalry that does only good for all parties? This is what the current state of the processor market looks like, judging by the economic reports of the two veteran US competitors

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The financial reporting season is here again, drawing a pretty rosy and optimistic picture for quite a few big tech companies - including them And Intel, who showcase each of them in their own way and in terms of success.

Intel was first in line, When she was exposed 19.2 Billion Record Revenue in 2019 Q3, up several tens of millions from 2018's third quarter that provided the chipmaker's previous winning figure - though it should be noted that net profit itself dropped to "6.3 billion" alone, compared to 6.5 billion Dollar in the same period last year.

Latest data from home - Not the most impressive ever in all metrics, but enough to surpass analysts' estimates and delight the various investors

All divisions of Except for the central processing solutions for private customers, revenue growth for the third quarter was 2018 - some (Israeli Leaders and Volatile Memory Division) in double-digit percentages, with new revenue highs making it clear that She has succeeded in her mission to become a much more diverse information company than in the past, which no longer relies solely on her home-market chips to exist and grow.

Now that cash flows from the first 10 nanometer processors and clear plans to launch 7 nanometer commercial products are already on 2021, Intel's future looks even more rosy than the present - which may explain why its share price is at its highest point in the six months The latest.

It is impossible without a little infographic, which will make the situation more comfortable and accessible

AMD's turn came a few days after her sworn opponent, and it was her turn She said To its investors and to the rest of the world over numbers we haven't seen since the middle of the last decade, in the joyous era of bulldozer architecture and its derivatives: 1.8 billion revenue and $ 218 million net profit in the third quarter of 2019, with the first figure an increase of 9 percent Last year and the biggest quarterly revenue of the developer since 2005 (!).

The data of They are finally showing the breakthrough many have been waiting for - and the future should be even more optimistic

1.276 $ 1 billion of the company's revenue came from the home computing and graphics processing division, which is the company's major growth engine in this era as requested - with the server world responsible for server solutions, embedded solutions and customized solutions for companies (in other words, the chips we find Salons) recorded a significant decrease in revenue of 525 million, compared with 591 million in the previous quarter of 2019 and 715 million in the same period the previous year.

Reduction in this area of ​​the red company appears to be mainly due to reduced revenues from the old and mature PlayStation 4 and near-end PlayStation XNUMX products, with growth in sales of the EPYC processor family not enough to make up for the gap - but this is also something that will change later Considering reports that Sony and Microsoft's next generation of consoles will also be based on modern home hardware And the diversity of the processors, Competition owners will continue to grow.

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For the last quarter of the year on Viewers are leaping further, to $ 2.1 billion in revenues and further growth in gross profit margins - which may explain why the company's stock is showing a very upbeat chart over the past month, and has been at its peak since 2006.

So it turns out that a great deal of uncompromising competition can contribute to business and success of all parties? who would believe. As long as we consumers benefit from the situation, and the companies themselves find a way to continue to exist and move forward - we are certainly pleased.

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