CES 2015: Finally, Intel is introducing the fifth generation of the Core ™ HWzone processors
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CES 2015: Finally, Intel is introducing the fifth generation of Core processors

With the new Broadwell architecture on which the new processors are based , The fifth generation of processors, For laptops and laptops show improvements in my life , Enhanced graphics and more

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CPUs The new Intel U

Prepare for powerful and cost-effective laptops. as a part ofCES Annual Exhibition, Intel unveiled its next-generation Core processors,Broadwell U Designed for laptops, compact computers (screen + computer in the same case), ultra-thin laptops, Chromebooks and mini-computers. Broawell architecture represents the change of the "tick" generation in the development strategy (Tick is a generation based on And Tock is a new generation based on Brand new), so huge improvements we probably do not look here.

Intel unveils fifth-generation Intel processors (Under the Broadwell architecture), but the first processors that the company is introducing and launching are not the very powerful desktop processors that will drive future gamers. So the improvements made to these processors, compared to the previous generation of processors based on the architecture For devices , Focus on reducing the average power consumption of chips, while (and hopefully) can be improved and increase performance simultaneously.

According to , The new chips are based on the architecture , Produced in 14 lithography only nanometers (compared to 22 nanometers to the Haswell processors), are much more economical than the same aswell processors, an improvement that translates into even over an hour and a half of time Added in certain situations. In addition, the reduction in processor lithography enables companies to implement the new processors on ultra-thin, fan-free computers, enabling new and ever more powerful categories of computing.

Another significant improvement that Intel doesn't miss a chance to brag about is the support for 4K resolution video by the graphics chips called "Iris" code embedded in mobile processors. These Iris chips are capable of processing high resolution (and almost standard) video without the help of a video card graphics accelerator or any other external help. High performance 4K resolution will not be here, but this improvement will allow most users to enter the 4K world more easily than before. In addition, the new processor performance compared to the Haswell generation saw a minimal increase of only about 4 percent (in Office apps such as Word and Excel), a significantly lower improvement than would normally be expected from a new generation of From Intel.

For tablets and even smaller mobile devices Intel has developed the "Core M seller, That the power consumption of its processors is more compatible with that of ultra-thin tablets and laptops than the chips for laptops and "all-in-ones" (like Apple's iMac). But despite the huge launch of the new processors, Plans to launch the next generation of Core processors, the sixth generation in number and the Tock change in the company's development, based on the "Skylake" architecture. generation It is expected to show its features in the second half of the year, with high processing power and other capabilities, such as wireless, in the various parts of the computer that we are no longer used to.


Intel's new processors include only two cores (Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7), with more quad-core models expected later this year, Broadwell H, which contain the new graphics capabilities thanks to the new Iris chips. 8-core processors for professionals and heavy users are expected to arrive later this year, with no further information on an exact date of availability or pricing.

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  1. Lior is right Intel's processors confuse us that I don't know I know K is for OC and it is very confusing all their types will make it clear and smooth as for example phones come out But Intel does not make it clear as far as I realized that U is for laptops.
    Question Which processor to I3 Generation 5 or I5 Generation 4? And what prices did the processors not see?

  2. Yakov654

    It's going to be a little difficult, but for the sake of the next generation's education.

    No justice and no shoes, a very basic technician (they'd say) who doesn't want to catch up on more than 4 clicks on Google, do me a favor.
    What should be confused? Going into Intel's website, opening a reading table, seeing how many cores, some cache, clock frequency, the type of graphics core, and accordingly, the processor fits the customer.
    By the way, there is a specification of wholesale prices and those who really cannon, take regular prices from different stores.
    What is the problem? There is a KSP, there is an IVORY and there are other small stores, there are a number of processors. What is the budget? 1000 NIS Processor? Beauty from here on, what exactly is there to know? Need 8 cores, beauty picks accordingly. Really Big Deal do you want to tell me? Do me a favor.

    Besides, what do you mean you can't know what will be tomorrow or the next day? Recommend you do not refuel for two months maybe the prices have dropped. Flying nonsense from people's keyboards here is amazing.
    Buying a good 4 processor cores that the customer needs and peace of Israel, what does it mean you can not know what will be in two months? "LOL".
    If in two months Intel will suddenly release a new generation just like Puff and Hope is a new generation, the customer wants? Beauty that the customer will pay, what's the problem again?

    And another tip, a technician or any basic person with a basic education and a desire to research and study, opens an Intel "portfolio" map and knows exactly when and what generation comes out at each stage of the year and when there's a refresh, etc.
    Is it really that hard? Like I said… NIS.

    Last tip? Occasionally visit Intel's site, you might learn something, but yes, there is also a very basic GOOGLE. Otherwise you will know nothing in life. And books on the way.

    *** Now about you Mr. Yakov654 ***

    Confusing you? If I am, right now, yes yes… now, enter GOOGLE, tap INTEL U SERIES What will I receive? Beautiful… My cannon, what is the U series and what is K and what is it, everything is excellent on their site, did me a favor.
    What do you mean you don't know? You know I don't know, for example, how some complex things work in certain atoms that make it a little difficult for me at work? How do I find out? Studying researcher and examiner and reading lots.
    What this means is that you, too, go into Google and start investigating.

    Sit at home and say, "Well, I don't know what U SERIES" is when you sit on the 30-40-50-100 megabyte of a web with a quad-core processor and some elaborate smartphone in your hand, unfortunately you deserve a spunk in Tusic. And also in the cheek, with the insulting side.

    You want Intel, Apple, and every other company in the world to get you "Jacob 1, Jacob 2, Jacob 3, Jacob 4, Jacob 5 for mobile, Jacob 6 for gamers".
    Basic Economics… Well, that already leads us to books, something that goes beyond your capabilities.

    In short, what you do not know, do not understand, you go from today, even now, to GOOGLE and begin to learn how to search and read in English, CHROME has difficulty translating every page on the Internet.
    Otherwise you wouldn't be here and investing, fucking 5 minutes in a whole response for what you don't know than just checking in 30 seconds and knowing what you don't know.

    In people's lives.

    True, it was hard, cynical, not easy to digest but in your life, make a grate for yourself. Walking around with pocket devices, great super computers at home with crazy internet and what are you doing? Write comments on what you don't know, how much trouble it is, how hard is it? Lol oh come on.

    Legendary people who write codes for entire organizations and legendary people from this world sit on a computer with the CORE 2 DUO and 4 gigabyte memory until a famous guy from the internet upgraded him to a computer for simple.
    And that person's code is in every pocket on every computer anywhere in the world.

    And sitting here with a guy with 8 cores (smartphone and computer, etc.) and claims to be confused with U and some grinding technician who can't read an Intel map.

  3. Enough to enter this technician's Facebook page to know who the person is, and has some problems:

    "It is known that all leftists are pedophiles .. and all judges are horse owners. Satire… .What did you do?
    It's funny that a judge is sleeping with a horse, think about the situation.
    Think Nitzan Horowitz is working in the Golden Guards and playing for their little ones in Hamindus
    it's hilarious….
    Imagine Uri Avnery in an orgy with 12 Palestinian girls.
    Imagine Zahava Galon sucking on the Arabs.
    Imagine Shulamit Aloni from getting a dick on four.
    Imagine Supreme Court Justice Aaron Barak brandishing a decapitation in art poses.
    And imagine Shay Alsoulay licking his mom's hot pussy as she oozed a hot cycle right on her son's face.
    Of course everything is satire! Don't take it seriously, it's all in the name of freedom of expression, art and tolerance.
    As this stupid artist thinks that presenting IDF soldiers as rapists is a good joke for him at the expense of all of us. "

    From one of his posts, man ... not his best.

  4. Intel has the site http://ark.intel.com, Which is very neat - can be seen as a division of the processors for generations (first, second, third, fourth and now also fifth) and the designation of each processor (desktops, laptops, servers or dedicated / integrated computers) - I'm not sure how to translate Exactly, you can see the appropriate processors, release date (about a quarter of a year), the number of cores, the TDP and the graphical core type, which is before you even go into the details of each processor. Everything Intel did is just release New fifth-generation processors that are manufactured in the process of 14nm for the laptop and embedded markets. For the laptop owners - who already has a laptop that meets their needs, then these new processors won't help him, as it is difficult, or even impossible, to replace a laptop processor. Now it can buy a processor with less heat and requires less power, which means the laptop battery will last longer. On the other hand, keep in mind that the prices of these processors will probably drop a bit in the coming months, so there's no need to run and buy a laptop with such a processor now . In addition, the released processors have only 2 cores (even those marketed as Core i7) - the more powerful processors have not yet been released.

  5. To mmorex
    I have a nasty computer that also moves in the Internet with a pentium dual core processor and a gt 430 and 4 gb ram question What is better i3 generation 5 or i5 generation 4 processor and what is cheaper?

  6. Yakov654

    First of all, she asked a question. You compare a dual-core processor to a quad-core processor. There is no connection between the generations.
    A quad-core processor with more cache and frequency is usually higher in I5 versus dual-core I3.
    But… depends on your uses. Porn and Internet will also be I3.

    I3 cheaper I 5 more expensive, a simple hierarchy.

    For general knowledge, cynical or not, your computer is excellent and can carry a great many other things. Just format it and refresh everything.
    If you frequently watch 1080P videos on multiple open pages while doing several things at the same time, the processor is a bit weak on this topic, especially when 4K is already online.

    Remember a basic rule, want a fast computer in every situation and every moment? You will advance to SSD along with the new computer. Putting NIS 400-500 NIS into the SSD today is the best thing you can do among all the things you will buy.

  7. Stop falling for people, even an expert who understands well couldn't really tell the difference between I5 performance from a series that is not a low voltage (U) to I7 from U series for example, simply because there are many other variables to consider. The current declaration is irrelevant to nothing, because processors are still lacking (all multi-core, those who need mobile workstations) and on the other hand - there is hardly any improvement in single-core performance. (4% this is negligible and not noticeable). Plus - IRIS - nice but who ever needs 4K today (and why is it good?) Let's hope the 6 generation arrives soon, and bring some new news with it. In my opinion, most of the jump should not be in the processor, but in the battery, including in the case - when will you be able to create a powerful laptop - Real Workstation Replacement that weighs less than 1.5 pounds, with 10 hours of workload.

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