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Self development: Intel unveils one of the lightest gaming gadgets in the world

The chipmaker has developed an advanced gaming device - and consumers can purchase it based on several different branding of its partners

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Some companies specialize in computer production and assembly based on engineering and development of others and some companies specialize in computer engineering and development for other companies, who will be responsible for branding and selling - and now Intel can be seen as an example of the second school, quite surprisingly.

Much of the modern gaming device is based on a familiar combination of Intel's main processors and home video cards , Although growth in the popularity of mobile-based processors can be identified And even devices that include Red Camp processors and graphics cards - and it seems Would like to remind the manufacturers of the potential that exists with them.

Embarking on the gaming world of gaming

Mobile home Claimed to be one of the lightest ever with an 15.6 inch screen and powerful gaming gear, thanks to a unique magnesium alloy shell and lightweight black shade - so the system includes a processor i7-9750H hexagonal cores, graphics card type GTX 1660 Ti or The 2070 Max-Q and the very respectable 94 watt-hour battery come in at a weight of just under 1.9 pounds, plus a perfectly reasonable thickness of only about 20.5 millimeters.

The Maingear Element is on sale at the company's official online store

The elaborate mobile will offer up to 2 terabytes of fast NVMe storage, up to 32GB of memory 2,666MHz base speed, connectivity Double channel, mechanical keyboard with illumination And a display panel in IPS technology, FullHD resolution and refresh rate of up to 144 Hz.

Eluktronics's MAG 15 is sold both in its official store and in the US Amazon - but without the possibility of direct shipping to Israel in either case, unfortunately (at least for now)

The first three marketers of the interesting piece will be American Maingear and Eluktronics as well as German Schenker, under various brand names and a statement of joint development of the platform together with . The prices? They will start from 1,500 dollars (not including VAT) for an Intel 660p drive with 512GB volume, memory Of 16GB and GTX 1660 Ti card.

Is this the birth of a new and exciting revenue stream for To help us all enjoy more sophisticated and competitive gaming equipment, or is it a one-time experience designed to locally spur the various manufacturers and resellers to upgrade their supply based on the blue manufacturer's processors? Feel free to try and guess with us in the comments.

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