Intel delayed: Kaby Lake processors on the way, production at 10 nm • HWzone declined

Intel delayed: Kaby Lake processors on the way, production at 10 nanometer declined

Intel continues to earn piles of money, but a little less than before, and also confirms that the first 10 nanometer chips will reach us only in about two years

After we received news definitely not optimistic about the economic situation of , Came the Torah of Share the investors and the whole world with its results - and here the situation is much better, naturally, but still not perfect.

Intel also made a lot of money in the second quarter of 2015, as they have done every quarter and quarter since mid-2009 - this time we're talking about net profit of 2.7 billion, out of 13.2 billion revenue. These are good increases compared to the first quarter of 2015, but also by a few percentage points compared to the corresponding quarter in 2014 - and this is the index according to which investors and shareholders tend to determine the situation, which may explain why Saw a relative decline in its stock exchange value during the month.


As in, Intel also pointed to the expected wait and transition of Windows 10, beginning at the end of the month, as the main reason for the slowdown in revenues from the home computer market. However, Intel's decline was not close to the decline it suffered , And in general it is not clear to what extent this claim actually affects the mindset, when it is clear to everyone that any computer is well established 8.1, 8 and even 7 will be upgraded to 10 windows for free.


The chip giant's financial statements can continue to be debated, but we prefer to turn to the most significant announcement made by the company's investor call that came in parallel with the results - as we reported to you earlier, For 10 nanometer lithography production has been delayed and officially postponed for 2017 - a two-year delay compared to roadmaps presented by the company in 2013.

But the slight improvement in all categories of consumer computing in particular to smartphones and tablets makes it clear to us that the law of business competition is far more significant than the technological assumption that was made a quarter of a century ago
Throughout the network, they were quick to present their announcement About the delay as the beginning of the collapse of the renowned Moore's Law - but a slight look at the tiny improvement in all consumer computing categories in particular for chips And tablets make it clear that for us, the law of business competition is far more significant than the technological assumption made a quarter of a century ago

Instead of the Cannonlake generation at 10 nm, Intel confirms that in 2016 we will get a third generation at 14 nm instead - Kaby Lake, which will refresh the Based on Similar. It is not yet clear whether There will be a slight refresh like Devil's Canyon received by the Haswell Generation or something a little more substantial and extensive, but after realizing that the 22-nm and even-14-nm transition did not bring with it world-changing ranks in most of the company's product categories - we tend to believe that Intel can Provide us with a substantial improvement in capabilities even without a new manufacturing process, if they have a really good reason for it.

We place a great deal of hope on AMD's new architecture
We place a great deal of hope on AMD's new architecture

And such a good reason they should have - that means rejecting the 10 nm transition means that for the first time in many years, we will see And Intel offers us Based on the same technological production process, and all we have left is to stick fingers to the architecture of the - The new chip maker from Sunnyvale, and hope that it will be able to restart the competition that has gone into processing in the CPU sector.

We wish success to all sides.

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  1. For now, they seem to be drifting with the enthusiasm of minimizing the processors,
    But do not realize the potential of minimizing the processor, but storming toward the next minimization….

  2. In my understanding there should be a relationship between the percentage of minimization and the improvement level. If so, the 10 NM will not bring it with you on time.

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