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Intel speeds up: 2 prices pay off in the new Extreme Generation generation

The big chipmaker responds to the challenge calls In the home market, it seems - and promises to provide us with surprising cost tags in the approaching Cascade Lake generation

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Not only Coffee Lake Refresh Core i9-9900KS Limited Edition Intel expects us next month - also unveils new HEDT (High End Desktop) generation Under the name Cascade Lake-X, Which is suddenly becoming more and more interesting as part of Intel's promise to double its cost-benefit ratios in the new models, compared to those of Skylake-X Refresh / Basin Falls Refresh Generation.

Intel Single Teaser Slide at the IFA Germany Exhibition on the New Family Promised 1.74 to 2.09 Improvement in Relative Performance Per Dollar of Recommended Price Compared For the Skylake-X generation Of the company - which will apparently allow them to offer a better cost-benefit ratio than the The latest generation with 16 cores, 24 cores and 32 cores.

One small picture that promises a lot - we are asking a lot of question marks, and we are already eagerly waiting for next month to get the answers

Intel did not elaborate on the method that would allow them to offer such a leap that should surely win any advanced home consumer, nor did they say exactly what the performance exams that make this comparison are, but it's certainly a very intriguing promise from the manufacturer - and given that generation The Cascade Lake-X Will also be based on an old manufacturing process in The obvious conclusion is that we expect a significant cut in the recommended prices that will enable this achievement.

The transition of For 10 nanometer lithography, combined with EMIB and, Will allow it much greater flexibility in its future server and HEDT products (which will no longer be required to be based on a single, single piece of silicone)

Intel is expected to continue using its well-known LGA2066 bracket, so we are not expected With more than 18 processing cores in this area - which means that a stubborn battle is expected here also with the 2000 Threadripper models, also with the Top 3000 with 12 and 16 cores and also in front of the Future 3000. There is no doubt that Intel has a big challenge ahead of us - but we are pleased to see signs that it is taking it seriously and preparing for battle.

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