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Huge investments and highs: Intel is racing ahead

Another record quarter, huge investments in Israel and the United States and even the possibility of buying Mellanox - despite the technological delay, it seems that the chip manufacturer is not slowing down

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With or without 10 nanomaterials that are expected to arrive practically at the end of the year (and forgive usThe single Cannon Lake, the Core i3-8121U), It seems that the condition of Is definitely positive - with record profits in the last quarter of 2018 and huge investment plans in our domestic market.

Intel Announced financial data for the final quarter of 2018 and for the year as a whole, With a record revenue of 70.8 billion, which is an increase of 13 per cent compared to 62.8's total revenues of 2017 and a record net profit of 21.1 billion for the year as well as a positive cash flow of over 29 billion, of which 16 billion was used To distribute dividends to investors and buy back shares, and the balance was added to the giant's liquid reserves. Not bad at all for a farm company tougher competition than ever before on its part In many of its main areas of activity.

Great results - both for the quarter and for the year as a whole, even when you ignore the company's massive tax adjustment from the end of 2017

The company's shares nevertheless experienced a slight decline of about 7 percent as a result of the release of the financial results, because revenues for the first quarter of the new year are expected to be less than the estimated $ 16 "only" - although Intel is convinced that the situation will improve quickly, For another record year that would bring total revenues of 71.5 billion, or one percent above what was reported to 2018.

Optimism for next year, although the next quarter may be a little less glamorous than expected

In addition to the financial news, we also received very interesting news for the local market in the form of an agreement to invest an unprecedented amount of 11 billion in building a new large production plant in Kiryat Gat for its future lithographs, which joins announcements of additional investments of billions in the company's production plants in Oregon and Arizona As well as in Ireland, aimed at increasing the supply of chips in the current production process and in future production processes, in the hope of putting an end to the existing shortage that is causing the prices of some of the products to skyrocket.

This is where a huge new plant will be built soon - to join the existing 2006 and to be acquired back from the Micron company

If that's not enough for you, another fresh report states that Intel has made an official offer For the acquisition of Mellanox's communications equipment developer and manufacturer (Mellanox), for a sum of between 5.5 and 6 billion, which could turn the transaction into one of the largest in the history of the Israeli economy, second only to its acquisition transaction With a US company for 15.3 billion dollars two years ago. Will it happen? We will continue to follow and update.

Is instead of Microsoft, Whose plans we told you about a month ago, Will you be the one to get Mellanox under her wing? We may expect a very interesting race here

For the sake of dessert, Intel announced that whatever it was was - and appointed Robert Swann as the company's new permanent CEO, about half a year after he began to serve temporarily as the CFO, Following the retirement of Bill Krasnitz in a scandal of forbidden relations in the workplace. Is the seventh CEO of In the 45 years of existence will be able to lead it to new heights? We will live and see - and in the meantime it will be a success.

The senior financier who was a replacement general manager becomes the senior manager on a regular and formal basis

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