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Intel: Record revenue that hits the forecast

All the problems within the process of transition to 10 nanometer lithography and the shortcomings of current generation products are not driven from chip chipsets to break economic records

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An increasing shortage of 14 nm chips and a delay in the wide commercial launch of at least 10 nm models by the end of next year do not interfere with the galloping train, it turns out - Presents great financial data, which is a new record in several indices for all the same quarters in the past years.

Revenue of 19.2 billion, more than 11 than those presented by the competitor For that period, 19 percent jumps compared to third-quarter revenue last year - and together with $ 6.4 billion net profit and 64.5 percent gross margin is a feat that has surprised many analysts, with all five business divisions making up the giant maker.

Produces the maximum possible from the existing situation - and even breaks the quarterly revenue record throughout its history

The Private Customer Computing Group continued to lead with $ 10.2 billion revenue in three months, a double-digit increase on both the previous quarter and the same quarter last year - and Ireland's Enterprise Group posted its own adequate 6.1 billion revenue and even the programmed solutions divisions (FPGA) ) And the Internet of Things has grown and evolved.

In all the data it appears that the acquisition of Mobilay is a significant growth engine for the giant company

Intel is now predicting an increase of $ 19 billion in revenues in the fourth quarter of the year, despite estimates of a growing shortage of chips in relation to demand in the market, which probably only reinforces the proof that the company is coping well with the delay in upgrading production processes In the stationary world), on the way to total annual revenues of not less than 71.2 billion.

The Company continues to invest more and more resources in its research and development processes, although at the same time it successfully increases the average price level of its various products

One can only guess how huge the revenues would have been had the company been able to meet its original schedule without giving Samsung and An opportunity to catch up with the technology gap, and even turn it into an advantage for them. At the same time, we wish a lot of success for all sides in the race and a healthy competition that will benefit us all.

In contrast to the value of its red counterpart, Manages to maintain a positive value of its market value


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  1. Learn from Apple, if you can't sell anymore, raise prices. 1 Percentage Increase In Home Market Sales, 10 Percentage Average Value. Sounds like an iPhone x. If anyone is wondering why they took Hypertherding from i7 and pushed to i9, now it's clear.

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