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Intel warns: The shortage of processors is still with us

The chipmaker's financial data for the first quarter of 2019 was positive - but the outlook continued to fall in the share value

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We already know that sometimes there is no direct correlation between a company's financial success and its success in the stock market - and further demonstration is coming from Intel, which estimates it will "only" put 15.6 billion in the current quarter, resulting in almost a tenth of its market value loss in just a few hours.

Big chip maker economic data for January-March this year successfully met experts' expectations of $ 16.1 billion in revenue for $ 4 billion - down from 2018's first quarter but not bad for a company in the midst of a production crisis, with delays The largest in the 10 nm manufacturing process that create difficulty in meeting existing demand for the The latest.

The numbers for the new year of - Very large, but not like before

The less positive news came at the point Provided performance estimates for the second quarter of the year, well underway - with projected revenue of 15.6 billion, compared to 16.8 billion, analysts first estimated. This canned figure, along with the announcement of retirement from business The modems for the fifth mobile generation have resulted in a considerable long-term distrust of investors - the company's stock has seen growth of about nine percent on a single trading day, and even more so in the last two days.

Expect a decline in both the second quarter of the year and the entire year has put quite a bit of pressure on investors - although there is a chance that we will see another trend in the coming week

Many seem to believe that the company will find it difficult to recapture the days when it broke records constantly - even considering that beyond the horizon lies the intriguing entrance into the universe of dedicated graphics processing products.

The surprising retirement from the " Contributed to the fall in market value?

Intel expects the shortage of some of its employees to continue at least until the third quarter of 2019, despite recent 1.5 billion investments made in the recent period to address this challenge - so cut-price questions for the company's products are probably not very realistic. At Intel, however, they stated that they began the process of training processors , The first of the 10 nanometer era to be widely available.

The debut of the E- Is coming, promising many interesting changes from both inside and outside, at the level of the chipset that will accompany it

The company announced that various technological improvements will allow them to increase the output of the new 10 nanometer processors, with the current milestone reinforcing the assumption that we will be able to see computers New Age-based firsts (the first Ice Lake models will be part of the U family, presumably with four physical processing cores in the 15 watt carrier envelope) by the end of the current year - which will ease the bottleneck in the processors And in particular will heralded the advent of a new era with the cores of the E-.

New generation laptops, a production process of 10 nanometers and built- 3, LPDDR4X, and At the end of the year - assuming no further technical glitches are discovered on the way there

An 2019 year may be something challenging for - But it is quite possible that at the end we expect a big leap forward and back to the beneficiary.


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  1. In short, the mess celebrates.
    It seems as if manufacturers first and then call it A or B or C,
    Depending on what came out and the resulting performance.
    Even if it is not, this is what it looks like and that is the result.
    And this affects stock fluctuations just as much as any other parameter.

  2. Quote of napoleon45

    In short, the mess celebrates. It seems as if manufacturers first and then call it A or B or C

    , Depending on what came out and performance.

    It's pretty always been that way more or less.

  3. Quote of napoleon45

    Manufacturers and then call it A or B or C

    That's how everyone works, always produces before and only at the end of the marketing and sales department determines the final details according to market conditions at that moment. How do you expect the industry to work when the product must start a year or two before the product reaches the market?

  4. Ahhh

    So in the end I'm the problem? :D

    Quote of etal

    How do you expect?

    Okay, okay, that's how it has always been,

    But it's a kind of open secret, a sort of shushu like that.

    Compared to that now, with all Intel's crying and nodding,

    It is not so jarring in the industrial / manufacturing pan

    But on the level of my conduct / evaluations and coping with them

    Intel's Technological Challenges Compared to the Competitors.

  5. Sure you're the problem. My share of Intel fell because of you and now the value of my securities portfolio is lower.😡

    Sorry ….

    I have no optimistic information on the subject!

    At least not now.

    It is enough to see what is published here on both companies

    To understand that at the moment, Intel has no rabbits to pull out

    Out of the hat, and if AMD is not stupid and / or pigs

    And don't be tempted to raise prices, Intel is quite welcome,

    At least in the private sector.

  6. Quote of plonter

    Meanwhile, they announced that their headache would continue in the third quarter

    What, are they of Polish origin? (Regardless of today ...)

  7. Quote of napoleon45

    What, are they of Polish origin? (Regardless of today ...)

    They have not yet fully digested the market segment that they missed as a gift to AMD

    Now that the big ones are HP, DELL, LENOVO offering mobile, desktops, workstations and also AMD servers

    The direction of AMD's growth at Intel's expense is clear.

  8. Quote of napoleon45

    When in the country? ( If any ….)

    What time? We have both mobile and workstations with AMD for example HP and ACER

  9. Quote of plonter

    What time? We have mobile and workstations with AMD של HP For example and ACER

    There is not enough publicity on the part of the plotters all in Shushu.

    What about Passover specials? Have you missed it?

  10. Quote of Jabberwock

    There is not enough publicity on the part of the plotters all in Shushu.

    What about Passover specials? Have you missed it?

    On Passover we were very busy… here is the movie….

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