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Intel Introduces Extreme - Based Sandy Bridge Processors

Intel will launch Extreme processors towards the end of 2011.

As opposed to the recent rumors Intended to refresh the ranks of its Extreme processors by the middle of this year, a new document unveiled by the site X-bit Labs Argues that Launch the processors only towards the end of the year and call them E-series. Until then plans Remove the juice from the current processor series.

The document in question reveals that Intel will launch theProcessors for extreme and premium platforms In the last quarter of the year and not in the third quarter. Something must have caused Intel to postpone the launch in several months. Perhaps it does not want to introduce a new suket again, given the fact that the new series of processors will only be introduced into a new genre LGA2011. Branding quite original on hand .

Processors Sandy Bridge Series E Will give the performers the best performance seen so far. They will come with cache Especially great for improving performance on apps that require one or two processing core, visit With four channels and other improvements. The processors will come with 4 or 6 cores and will include a new logical command set that carries the code name Patsburg. The platform will include external frequency generators, as well as the interfaces of such interfaces SATA and-USB, In order to enable the Overclocks to speed up the processors more easily and efficiently.

We counted 2011 pins, and you?
Thanks to improvements in the microarchitecture,Sandy Bridge The next processors that will be based on it will be super fast. It would be interesting to see if Those with six cores will be able to bypass the octagonal processors AMD Which will be launched towards the middle of this year.

Intel did not respond to the news.


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  1. I need one to run the weather forecasting simulation
    Or atomic bomb prediction or colliding particle prediction or prediction of the universe or mapping
    All the sand grains on the world shores….

  2. It is possible to count the number of pins
    Count the top, the side, and multiply each other. It's not that hard either.

    Let's hope they lower all processors' prices to the high market. Maybe then I can afford to upgrade to a processor a little better.

  3. It is also not that difficult to use common sense.
    You have a hole in the middle of the processor! How on earth would you double the top and the side? And the sides also have holes

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