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Internal hard drives for computers - at prices that must not be ignored

Original Article: Need to upgrade your home volume? It's time to act

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After we told you about External at great prices - it's time to add to the list too Internals pay off in a big way.

The best model you can get right now without the need to pay shipping or VAT is the Blue, 3.5-inch configuration and 5,400 RPM rotation speed, Built-in cache of 64 megabytes and 3 terabytes - at a final price of 73.76 dollars, which are NIS 260 in value compared to NIS 425 and more for the exact same model in stores in Israel and NIS 370 internal internal drives in general.

This is not the most advanced or agile mechanical drive in the category, but with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon based on responses from nearly 10,000 different purchasers it seems to be doing its job properly, and will do very well within a drive Secondary in the home system or even the modest NAS system in the office.

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We've already encountered external 4 terabytes that have dropped to below $ 75 - but in the case of large internal hard drives, 3 terabytes are the best you can get so far without the need for VAT add-ons

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Want to go for greater volume? The company's latest BarraCuda Compute model 8 terabyte, 5,400 RPM and 256 megabytes Cache is available at a base price of 150 dollars - or 181.72 dollars including VAT and free shipping. The resulting local price is a little less than NIS 640, which is a great simple deal compared to the prices of NIS 1,000 and above for any internal mechanical drive in the same volume you find in the local market.

This drive also has very positive reactions from buyers, with a weighted rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on different 680 opinions.

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While the rotational speed is only 5,400 rpm and performance is proportionally reduced accordingly - it is still one of the most successful models in the environment, and for the most impressive price

Have you found any more worthwhile deals in the storage world? Let's share with everyone in the comments!

updating: Another interesting drive for no VAT (and free shipping) is the WD Red designed specifically for tape systems Extremely large data writing and regular day-to-day activity - 2 terabyte model with 64 megabytes of Dynamic built-in and 5,400 rpm rotational speed is sold at 65.07 dollars, which is NIS 230.

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