Introducing Corsair HWzone's impressive compact water cooling system

Introducing Corsair's impressive compact water cooling system

system Closed Water Systems for Mini-ITX? It is no longer a fantasy

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Water cooling systems Are starting to penetrate into the mainstream of the computing world, slowly but surely - between Intel 's BXTS13X Solution Herself and the cards The Radeon Fury X, The sense is that these systems have matured to be simpler and easier to use for the average consumer (more or less), without the need for complicated maintenance or advanced knowledge.

A new interesting proposition for this growing category is Corsair, which claims to be the first manufacturer to offer a closed water cooling system for processors for compact Mini-ITX systems, With the help of Hydro H5 SF.


The company's unique system includes a radiator unit that does not need to be anchored in place of an 12 or 14 inch chassis - but sits a few inches above the board itself, thanks to four legs caught on the sides of the printed circuit board of the motherboard. The final product is an array of less than 100 millimeters (including the motherboard and radiator above) with high-quality cooling capabilities, with air pushing between 12 and 24 square feet per minute, CFM, and 36 to 42 decibel volume above average ambient noise level , Which fits all the latest Intel and (Such as AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2 and all LGA115X and LGA 1366 versions) and should allow consumers to purchase a small system with capabilities High, seemingly no less than those you can get on boards and enclosures Standard 'big'.

The price of this interesting cooling system is going to be a little over US $ 100 ($ 95 recommended price with no extra tax calculation), so it's not exactly an alternative to my body Avg Air - Yet it is a very intriguing proposition for anyone who dreams of building a dimensionally modest and high-end gaming platform Room or living room. what do you think?

This will certainly not be easy - but it is possible that even with cooling, you can even compress a discrete video card onto the typical Mini-ITX board
It certainly won't be easy - but you can even compress a discreet video card onto the typical Mini-ITX board


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  1. The cooling is part of what CORSAIR is offering for next year: COMPACT packages like BULLDOG Enclosure comes with a 600W SFX processor with a CPU cooling price of $ 300 with an option to buy with a Z170 ITX motherboard at $ 400 and water can be cooled to a video card. The BULLDOG is designed for 4K GAMING salons

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