Introducing MB530P - Cooler Master • HWzone's new gaming package
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Introducing MB530P - Cooler Master's new gaming package

We set out to test an advanced case , With lots of air directions and lots Inside

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In this review we look at a new Mid Tower chassis Has an appreciable lighting and ventilation experience.

The maker of hardware and peripherals Cooler Master is well-known to all, but above all is largely recognized for its series of packages that have been closely monitoring PC users for the past twenty years. Cooler Master has new series recently, one of which is the MasterBox. Series It contains a combination of colorful lighting and efficient airflow.

The MasterBox MB530P is a Mid Tower chassis that supports motherboards in ATX, mATX and MITX configurations. As befits the world of gaming cases today, it comes with tempered glass doors. Yes, doors. The rear door of the chassis also comes with glass to maintain the uniformity and display of the rear side cables. The chassis is sold in Israel for NIS 579.

The chassis contains three 120 millimeters with bulbs Predefined, plus a standard 120 black millimeter fan at the back. This kind of accessory is not bad at all, especially considering that the value of these three is about NIS 150.

The chassis is very spacious and fits most hardware configurations available today. The distance between the expansion interfaces and the front fans is about 41 centimeters and no problem installing any video card you want. Up to 360 millimeter front radiator support and up to 240 millimeter upper radiator for water cooling. For demonstration, I even managed to install a motherboard that is officially not supported in this X570 Xtreme model of , In the E-ATX configuration. Of course I would in no way recommend doing this before verifying a match.

The front fans have full control that is officially supported by all popular motherboard manufacturers today, including ASUS, , MSI and. Of course, SATA and Molex electrical connections must also be connected to the power supply to provide power to the fans.

The MB530P loves cable arrangement and easy access to system components. There are openings for cable transfer and sufficient hooks to use the chassis on the back of the chassis.

This is what the chassis looks like when the front panel is in places. Of course, it can be easily removed to clean the dust filters on the sides.

The same filters, by the way, allow these front fans to breathe a sigh of relief. This, after several generations In which media and users asked for beauty would not be the price of choking fans. Responded accordingly.

The chassis front-panel features an RGB illuminated and controlled power button, microphone and headphone connections, and four ports Two of these are in the 2.0 standard and two in the 3.0 standard. In addition, there is also a manual control button on the fans RGB lights and the power button. Of course this is in addition to the software control. Unfortunately this chassis does not support Genuine 3.1 Gen2 Type-C.

This is how the system looks when it is assembled in a chassis and works. I chose a color that matches the Cooler Master and is its typical purple. While the system supports water cooling, the U12A is Fairly serious and high air (about 2 inches). The chassis has no problem at all supporting the highest air coolers in the market.

The front lighting produced by the fans, which is poured in, is great and definitely sets the tone for the entire computer system. Of course it is important to note that the airflow is great and there is positive air pressure in the chassis thanks to this. Hot air is pushed outside through the included rear fan and goes up through the air vents.

Thanks to a simple locking operation mechanism, the MB530P chassis will be clean and tidy to work on, which can definitely use a glass door and maybe even lighting in that part if the chassis really is considered a central piece of room. The 2.5 inch drives can be seen docking. What we don't see here are the two dedicated rails for installing 3.5 or 2.5 drives.

In the M.2 era today, the need for large drives that are not installed on the motherboard seems small for the gaming audience. Recently we have even witnessed quite a few new computer systems that do not contain any at all That is out of date on the motherboard itself, especially with the drop in drive prices in volumes of 1TB and more.

On the system I ran a Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super video card with Ryzen 9 3900X processor , When the power meter showed as 375W when using a three-dimensional system effort. After two hours of running at room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, the video card reached the maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, and the processor to 69 degrees Celsius with the heat sink in the images.

The system remained very quiet throughout the exam. In fact, for a system with 3 front fans, I was impressed by the relatively low noise level and the air pressure from them.

Aesthetically, I think the MB530P is well-designed. There are no garish colors here except for those that can be set in fans, there is not too much cheap "gamer" plastic as most of the interior content and large parts of the frame are mostly made of metal.

I loved the front filters for dust filtration, I loved the great interior space and the exceptional rear-facing cable arrangement. I have plans for a future system for this chassis and I think it's a pretty worthy stamp that I can give this product.

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