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Introducing the Acer Cloudbook: the cheapest windows mobile in the market

The Taiwanese manufacturer is unveiling its ultra-cheap laptop, which will cost only $ 170 in 11 and 200 in the 14 version. Revolution or just an unnecessary imitation of chromobox? Come and be judged

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Continuing on the interesting leaks we received two weeks ago, Baiser is now officially announcing the Cloudbook mobile - an "official" alternative to Google's Chromebooks based on a free version of 10, and try to prove to all of us that it is also portable Can offer a reasonable user experience at very low price tags.

The Cloudbook will be offered in either 11 or 14 inch sizes, with both screens getting both 768 × 1,366 pixel resolution (probably in basic and cheap TN technology), memory 2GB, Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11ac support (very impressive considering price), Bluetooth connectivity 4.0, connection One full size 2.0 connection One full size 3.0 connection And a SD card slot and battery that should provide between six and seven hours of work.


The most significant surprise in Cloudbook for us, is what is under the hood - we expected to get here Bay Trail is one of the most basic and simple to offer, but Acer chose to include it on mobile Celeron N3050. This is indeed one of the Celeron chips based on a pair of cores that belong to the world of atomic processors (unlike other Celeron models based on Core chips), but it is a pair of current Airmont cores produced in the process And operate at frequencies between 1.6GHz and 2.16GHz.

The CloudBook 11 is the most basic mobile imaginable, but at least the result is relatively compact dimensions, with a thickness of about 17.8 millimeters and weight of only 1.15 kilograms

On paper, this is a better offer than quad-core Bay Trail chips, but a larger thermal envelope of 6 watts (compared with 4.5 watts on Bay Trail) should provide General similar and perhaps even better apparent when in addition Graphically enhanced with 12 units makes the Celeron N3050 a more qualitative choice. Just do not expect to run Crisys on this thing.

As expected, the key disadvantage of the N3050 is the extremely small (eMMC-based) storage volume - 16GB for the base model that costs 170 dollars, and 32GB for a model that costs 190 dollars. This volume should primarily populate the 10 windows system itself and maybe some additional software that you will be able to compress, but for all your pictures, movies and music at Easer, you expect to use the service Microsoft's SkyDrive, where you get free 100 gigabytes or terabyte storage for a year. Another option is a USB drive or an external storage drive, which will certainly minimize the problem of storage Available only where you have connectivity To the Internet.

The base model that comes with 16GB of storage will offer only a gigabyte of 100 cloud storage - making the 32GB, which will cost only $ 20, much more rewarding, as it will come with a full terabyte storage capacity, And a year of using Microsoft Office 365 services for free
The base model that comes with 16GB of storage space will offer storage Only 100 gigabytes - making the 32GB model, which will cost just $ 20 more, much more lucrative, as it comes with a full terabyte of storage, and a year of using 365's Office services Free

So what's better for a consumer looking for the most lucrative deal - Chromebook with a chip Rockchip's cost of 150-170 dollars, or Cloudbook with an atom chip of And 10 windows at the price of between 170 and 200 dollars? We would be happy to hear your comments on this subject.

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