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Inventory elimination time has arrived: Skylake-X processors at half price at local stores

Some hardware stores in the country have officially begun preparations for the Cascade-X generation - with massive discounts on the previous generation

The official announcement of Cascade Lake-X generation processors For the home market, equipped with tens of percent lower prices together with past models with the same number of double-digit cores, immediately created questions about the fate of the remaining processors of the processors-X, from both the 7000 series and the 9000 series.

It was natural to expect a price cut in these models as well, which would help them disappear from the shelves ahead of new and updated arrivals, and there were plenty of rumors about the upcoming cut. We are now pleased to announce that the long-awaited price cut is real and even clearly evident here in the Israeli market, although there has been no announcement or public reference from Intel itself.

Only about three and a half years ago the generation of processors-E demanded consumers spend more than 1,700 dollars for ten cores, and until a few weeks ago the price of 18 cores was almost 2,000 dollars - amazing how quickly market conditions can change in a situation where there is real and significant competition

In several stores and chains in the country, such as KSP and Plonter, a large price collapse can now be seen for some of the most advanced models of The 9000 Series for the HEDT World: The Model i9-9980XE leading with 18 cores for slightly more than NIS 4,000 compared to more than NIS 9,000 so far, model i9-9960X with 16 cores and model i9-9940X with 14 cores for less than NIS 4,000 and 12 and 10 cores at costs under NIS 3,000.

Intel's new prices are meant to be an earthquake in the upper home market - but we still don't know how low you will Decrease with the price of processors Its new - so there may be another and even bigger earthquake that awaits us soon

These are, of course, prices that are still very high for quite a few users, but they are certainly approaching a point where they could be a logical alternative - even against an octagonal model i9-9900K sold for about NIS 2,200 or higher in the country (assuming moving to more than 8 physical cores will benefit your specific uses).

Surprisingly, the generation modelsThe original 7000 series X, which is still available in some stores, did not receive any discount for the time being. We hope that this will come as well, with the aim of avoiding products that could put dust in warehouses for years

How our local hardware landscape will crash in a few months, when they come too Cascade Lake-X models Intel and also Threadripper models 3000 Of AMD? This is a very exciting question for us, which explains how much competition has improved since the birth of the architecture..

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