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Is Zalman really on the road to bankruptcy?

Rumors spread across the web are rushing to declare Korean hardware maker Zalman dead. is that so?

Unexpectedly, it was discovered that the parent company of the Zalman hardware manufacturer, which you are familiar with mainly with the cooling equipment it manufactures, is in legal complications due to false revenue reports.

As a result, Zalman is in immediate danger and a state of alert for the bankruptcy process.

Throughout the network, they were quick to eulogize the producer and thank her for her years in the hardware industry. indeed, A company representative claims that the rumors are incorrect, And immediately denies the possibility that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company said that an official announcement on its condition and the continuation of its activity will be submitted later this month.

To know whether we were preparing a farewell speech to Zalman, he had to wait a few more days.


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  1. If the banks demand immediate repayment of the loans (as a result of non-quantum compliance) it looks bad :(

  2. An article about ZALMAN with a huge image of cooling that is generally produced by Tt…
    There is always a possibility that another company will buy them, according to what ZALMAN says, were not aware that they are exploiting the brand for false reports.

  3. Who needs all those companies that produce cooling for the processor? What are we in 2001?
    It's all ventilated.
    Intel / AMD needs to create 2 versions of "stock" coolers that are possible to buy separately - one version with a strong fan and the other with a quiet fan. That everyone chooses what they prefer.
    At that moment - for all these companies that all they do is manufacture refrigerated bodies - no longer has the right to exist…

  4. The whole fan stinks, and it already produces OEM refrigerants in case you forgot (or take an existing product from another company, it does not matter is the same).
    This is enough for 90% of people, which is exactly why these strange companies that do nothing but cool bodies are in trouble.
    There are other 9% others who are looking for extremely quiet solutions, plus another poor lifeless 1% that makes Overclock in 2014… Even in the entire global market it is probably not enough to own an entire company that just does a fan.

  5. It's not just a matter of quiet, but a thermally efficient heat sink also needs to invest in development
    The problem is that they are the size of a tank :)

  6. But again - Intel, too, is already producing (or buying OEM and selling under its own brand) refrigeration units - and they cover 90% of the market.
    I'm just saying that the day Intel decides to split it into two versions - one with a stronger (and noisier) fan and one with a weaker fan for those who don't care for the overclocked eggshell - then these designated companies like Zalman even have this 10% of The market is already gone.

  7. I'm just saying that the day Intel decides to split it into two versions - one with a stronger (and noisier) fan and one with a weaker fan for those who don't care for the overclocked eggshell - then these designated companies like Zalman even have this 10% of The market is already gone.

    I prefer a strong, quiet fan. Please call Intel and request that they do 3 versions and not 2. :)

  8. I know it's hard for you but try not to be smart.
    Quiet version is the strongest possible within the limits of noise. The strongest version is as quiet as possible within the power limits.

  9. So maybe Nutka will call you and get the recipe ?!
    They've been working on it for years.
    And in general I also favor producing two powerful one processor and one cheap, two large screens and one with tuning etc.

  10. Continuing on to 5 and TIM BORODIN, in our days the OC is not so significant. I see frustrated and delusional people who, for the sake of stabilizing another 200-300MHZ on the processor, are wasting a month and more of their lives! ……. (And in the end it has to do with the processor and its engineering and production and not the settings or the cooling system).
    I also wanted to get OC what DEVIL CANYON… but it just makes no sense!

  11. The cooling world today is in better shape than ever in terms of technological developments and accessibility.
    Today's curses do not exist only for Overclock, but also for quiet and difficult conditions.
    It's true that Intel produces cooling that barely observes the heat emissions of its new processors, but it leaves plenty of room for people who prefer more quiet.
    About the worthiness of Overclock and how much does it make today?

    There is no doubt that 2014 overclocking processors is of less importance and capability than it was a few years ago, and there is no argument about that. But we must not forget the history and influence of overclocking on viability.
    I have here the Q6600 from 2006 and the I5 760 from 2009.
    It's hard to argue that the Q6600 is Intel's most relentless processor of its generation. Thanks to the speed that improves the ability of 4 cores laterally, the processor's fast execution from 2400 to 3300 megahertz (a gain of about 35%) allows it to be used even for simple modern purposes. Mention, this is a processor that is nearly 8 years old.
    The i5 760 goes in the way of the Q6600 and goes to serve me or someone that this processor will pass to for the next few years as well with difficult goals thanks to the addition of dozens of percent performance in Overclocking.

    It would not have been possible if I had been using Intel-only stock coolers, and if the possibility of overclocking did not exist.
    Even the reinforcement that can be given to more modern processors like the 2500K and the 3570K leaves them in the game. If you can add 25%, then why not? This can smooth out the few difficulties that can come about such processors in the future and make them a little more useful.

  12. Oh God, please explain to me why there are idiots in the world?

    Just what comes to mind when I read your comments in this discussion.
    I will try to write a logical and understandable response, but it is quite clear to me that you will not read and transcribe them.

    A processor like i5 750i7 920 or even 2500K
    The first two can be lifted with a good board to 4GHZ which makes these processors not to be such a bottleneck today
    2500K starts a bit of aging but once you pick it up to 4.5GHZ you get a processor that is more powerful than any current mainstream processor (all 1150 processors except 4790K).
    The same will be true for 4670K4690K4770K - not today but in a year or two when the processor no longer swings the option to lift it to 4.2GHZ or higher will greatly help its survival.
    So in conclusion, OC to a new and up-to-date processor is redundant, but when you have the option your processor will last much longer.

  13. ] [RIGHT] [COLOR

    Oh God, please explain to me why there are idiots in the world?

    And God explain what a quiet fan is and what an efficient cooling is.

  14. Again - it's very basic and simple.
    One version with a strong fan, and one version with a weak fan.
    In fact, when I think about it - no need at all.
    All you need is for the fan to be strong enough to cool properly (even in Overclock) when it's full. And allow the software / BIOS to run it in a weaker mode for quiet. Actually it already exists today, you just have to make it a bit more extreme.

  15. And if the cooling you're looking for has to go into a case that's limited in size? And if the cooling you need should be in the studio and be as quiet as possible?

    You probably think a little limited, there are loads of size requirements, noise intensity and more, it doesn't end with Omri's demand for a powerful cooling to his processor that he might have OC.

    But okay with your "regular" cooling, and we're fine :)

  16. You are writing "we" but maybe talking about 1% of the global market. So have fun, we'll see how long the companies that make you "special" coolers continue to survive;)

  17. You ask Intel to produce the ultimate cooling, it's like asking Hyundai to build one model of car that fits everyone, there's really no such thing.
    So the majority will go with the stok, the rest (and really not the percent) will purchase what suits their specific uses. About survival. Talk to EK or Nokumu, who have been living well since the mid-90 until today (-:

  18. Milford Do you really want to impose your needs and your use on all the other PC users in the world?
    Because your logic is 1, and everything else is stupid…

  19. By the way, I'm not going to argue in a cooling forum against the two and a half people on this site who make Overclock and safe for some reason it's interesting to anyone in the world besides ...

  20. You'd be surprised Omri but companies like Corsair Noctua Thermaltake and others actually make a nice profit (the public even divides bad dividends)

  21. Also do not need dslr cameras, cameras without a mirror and including cameras that are not on the cell phone, because over 95% of the world's photos are taken on cell phones. Neither vendors nor supernatural genres that over 90% of the world's suppliers are stationary genres.

    It's just factually incorrect, but I already realized that it was unnecessary discussion.

  22. There is something I do not understand ... Milford you were the manager of this forum at some point. Do you still respond here regularly (and quite cynically and defiantly - always!) ... and you, rather you of all people call people who make a lifeless overclock ??
    So what will we say about a person who deliberately enters a professional computer forum and starts to fight with people about how much progress and variety in hardware is unnecessary?

    Lots of health my friends.

  23. I argue that people have the right to do what they want with their time and money. You do not like it, do not overclock it. I do not do Overclocking either, but yes I love to be interested in what other people do.
    Your criticism is irrelevant, especially in light of the fact that you express it in a computer forum and another in a cooling forum.

    But unfortunately this is the way you express yourself, and from many years of acquaintance with the forum you have always expressed yourself.
    Anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot and lifeless.
    So let us live in ignorance and lack of life, just free us from your presence.

    Good Day.

  24. And who can define what they are "lifeless"?
    A person who has a hobby is "lifeless"?
    A person who chooses to spend his time and cover OC as a hobby is "lifeless"?
    Does this also apply to a person who spends money on his car on all kinds of unnecessary things that he could have traveled without them?
    Is it also valid for a person who switches cell phones once a year and a half while he can stay with the same phone?
    Does this apply to a person who plays computer games?
    Does this apply to a person who cultivates his garden and spends tens of thousands of shekels on it while he can enjoy a bench on mud for a hundred shekels?

    Does this apply to anyone who does not interest you?
    Excuse me Milford, but you sound like an angry man to the world or something ...

  25. Look who's talking.
    A man comes and expresses his opinion - and you attack him on a personal basis because you disagree with her. Wonderful.

  26. Milford Don't be astonished. You have not just expressed an opinion - and if it is your personal (and very aggressive personal opinion of the forum members) that people here are lifeless, then do not be surprised if people react aggressively to it.
    You're a kind of troll, you probably just do not know it.
    A brief look at your message history is enough to see that 90% of all your interactions here with people reach jarring tones.

    So maybe the members of the forum are all wrong, and maybe ... just maybe ... the blame lies with someone else.

    I respect you and what you have done for this forum, but you probably have lost everything that happens here ... which is fine - there is no obligation to continue to visit the forum just because you were previously here manager.
    A little bit of looking at yourself will only do you good.

  27. In the meantime, you're the one who keeps trying to respond on a personal basis, and I'm the one who, on the whole, expressed my opinion - and yes, my opinion is that only lifeless people make Overclock in 2014. It is my right to think so and it does not give you legitimacy to accuse me of "aggression".

  28. I have avoided contacting you personally for a few times, but you do not pay attention to your formulation, very aggressive nikinimormer, check yourself in previous posts, you may understand what I am talking about.
    All in all I have nothing against you, I like to read your messages, but I think you'll moderate your exits a bit.

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