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Now it's official: a USB drive that is a complete computer, from Intel

A few months after some industrious Chinese manufacturers were already selling them, Shows Another cool use for its atom chips - in the form of a computer A disk that has been compressed to a USB drive size

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With all due respect to the tiny NUCs (which continue to shrink with each new generation), Intel has other super-efficient products that can go into even more compact envelopes - and now it's officially proving it with Displays the Compute Stick computer, Which is not significantly larger fast.

Compute Stick It is a complete PC that can run a system Or Linux for user selection, with a full-size HDMI 1.4a connection in a location where you would expect to see the USB connection, Sealed Z3735F square cores at 1.33GHz speed, memory Volume 2GB, volume Built-in eMMC volume 32GB, microSD slot for cards up to 128GB, slot 2.0 full size, Bluetooth connectivity 4.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity and Micro slot Through which the computer gets the power it needs.

The price of the Compute Stick 8.1 With Bing stands at approximately 150 USD (about 600 in direct conversion), while Intel also promises to offer a "light" version for Linux distribution with built-in 8GB storage, memory Of 1GB and an even lower price tag of about $ 90.


The Compute Stick (and its Chinese counterparts, assuming they can offer the same quality and basic functionality of the official version) is a cool product that will probably appeal to anyone looking to get their personal "corner" wherever they are, and more importantly, a first illustration of the future Curious waiting around the corner. First by The Cherry Trail generation will soon replace Bay Trail And can serve as a base for smaller and more advanced USB computers, and perhaps even an even more advanced solution based on the USB Core M chips - After all, the differences in power consumption between them and atomic chips are very small.


See yourselves buying , Or think it's a gimmick and a waste of money only? Tell us in comments.

Today, Chinese equivalents are almost identical to the original Compute Stick, With prices starting at just $ 100

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