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Worth checking: a quad-core laptop with a video card worth less than 3,000 shekels

Daily operation of The United States provides a particularly lucrative price for Lenovo's IdeaPad 700

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Not every day we meet laptops that pay far more to order online from a distant land than purchase locally - but that is exactly the situation in the next few hours in the US version of Amazon, as part of the latest Deal of the Day offer for mobile from home The Chinese.

The huge online store offers the CPA One of the IdeaPad 700 models With a specification that includes a new Core i5-6300HQ Quad Core processor from the Skylake section of 2.3GHz speed, 15.6-inch IPS screen and 1080p resolution, GeForce GTX 950M discrete video card with 5GB GDDR4 memory, 2,133MHz speed and volume of 12GB, drive-based storage In M.2 format and volume of 256GB, system 10 in the 64 bit version, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, pair Stereo, backlit keyboard and 3 battery cells at 45 watt-hour capacity - all for a cost of only about 754 dollars, including Israeli VAT and taxes and includes direct shipping to Israel.

The IdeaPad 700 comes with an English-only keyboard
The IdeaPad 700 comes with an English-only keyboard

This price is a reduction of about $ 200 from the recommended base price of And translates to only NIS 2,850 - cheaper than NIS 1,000 from the price available here in Israel for the same model. It is worth noting that the IdeaPad 700 family models do not excel in the quality of their plastic construction, but if you are willing to compromise this segment, this is a technical spec that is almost impossible to obtain for a similar amount anywhere else on the market.

The laptop includes a pair of 3.0 USB connections, an 2.0 USB connection, a full-size HDMI connection, and a RJ45 network connectivity connector
The mobile includes a pair of connections 3.0, connection 2.0, connection Full size and RJ45 connector for network connectivity

This operation of Will be available for up to 10: 00 tomorrow morning (Thursday, 22 in September), so if you decide this mobile meets all your expectations and requirements despite its relative potential drawbacks - you should make your purchase as soon as possible. Successfully!


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    1. No way!!! Lenovo is a great company! I only buy for Novo. Don't forget that they existed for decades and they built the computers that were among the first in the world. I have a Lenovo laptop that is over 10 years old which works great without going through any upgrade!

  1. There are coupons in America almost every month, with discounts of 10-20 percent. It is worth checking out coupon sites. Any mobile in the country costing 4000 or higher will be cheaper to import privately.

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