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It came - five years to

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  1. crazy! Congratulations on the site!
    Well done! Crazy initiative!
    Congratulations to the site :)

  2. Congratulations 5 years
    We finally saw the big surprise Thanks to everyone and the members of the Forum Happy New Year !!!

  3. I signed up, and what a magnificence
    You have been controlled by 11111111 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Really well done
    Congratulations to HWZONE, a place I've been in for many years and never disappointing.

  5. I'm going to pass out
    You guys are so awesome! I think no one expected it !!! Long Live HWZone

  6. You are huge + question
    Just a pleasure :) I'm dying to win something

    a question :
    Send email exactly once
    Or once per lottery?
    Because I realized that every day, something different would happen.
    So you have to send for every lottery, or just one mile and you already grill it every time?

  7. Well done the idea
    You came out big. Question - Tell us in advance how many raffles will be?

  8. To 14 - misunderstanding
    Not every day will be something different, but there will be a lottery series in each lottery as 20 products. The first lottery has been announced and the prizes in it as well.
    On the 29 in September, the winners of this lottery will be announced and the day after that will be another lottery, and so on until the prizes are over…

  9. Congratulations HWZONE you deserve.
    Unbelievable how time ran, and here you are today on the horse, news / articles / forums / support and what not.
    Over time I got to know the site and most of the people there, I would point out that you are an excellent and objective site about various impartial materials, for which you deserve a big thank you Stop you.
    Happy New Year to the site team / members of the site, and this year will be with the help of a successful name for the people of Israel and the Internet in the country.

  10. Great idea about 5 years and good luck
    Congratulations to HWZONE this is a great and amazing idea

  11. Parts in NIS 50,000
    Really a huge deal =)
    You could have exaggerated a little you could do less but what does it matter maybe I can win something /

  12. Happy New Year to all and thanks to…
    The HWzone Cannonball Team and the generous sponsors!

  13. Have us all a happy holiday!
    You will surely give many a wonderful and worthwhile holiday gift :)

  14. Well done! No words…!
    You got a little crazy, but we earn, so what do I care?

  15. Congratulations!!
    Really welcome initiative !!
    Keep up the good work!
    And a good year for everyone

  16. Happy New Year to all the staff and to Israel !!
    Thank you so much for bringing us such a "gift" !,
    And again, thank you! For everything

  17. Congratulations!!! good year and happy holiday!!!
    Wow !!! I'm just in shock !!! Awesome awards and so much !!! Thank you so much HWZONE, for the opportunity to win prizes.

    Have a happy birthday, all the best, happy holiday and Happy New Year, and lots and lots of success later.


  18. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas to all HWZONE!
    How big are you HWZONE to have a good year, to be Conroe and not Selron, and to DDR2 and not SDDR.
    Thank you,
    my father

  19. Well done HW + important question
    Just to make sure and be safe
    "In the next few weeks we will find a lottery sequence"

    May I participate in all sweepstakes?
    (When each one at a time)

  20. Congratulations and Happy New Year !!
    Well done to all those who bother and work at HWZON there's nothing like it!
    And thank you very much for the opportunity and sweepstakes you hold (:

  21. Wow… Sweet
    Happy New Year, what a beauty of celebration ...

    Wishing everyone good luck and Happy New Year.

    Well done HWZONE!

  22. If at the end of each lottery you will win the winners
    What will you do with the lottery itself?
    Or is Olisa "at the end of every week"?
    What, I'm the only one who bothered to read the details?

  23. Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays to all site administrators and users
    We'll have a new year full of new products, ones that haven't even dreamed of yet ....
    Price reductions for the entire technological world ..
    And including the year of marriage and wealth and health!

  24. Successful and original idea but… (enter)
    The idea is beautiful and very original
    Don't know another site that celebrates the coming of the New Year.
    But in my opinion it was nicer and more appropriate to donate the large amount of money spent on needy families who really needed it to get through the holiday properly.

  25. Congratulations waiting for 10 years
    Congratulations to HW-ZONE and thank you so much for giving us 5 years so much knowledge of hardware and software!

  26. HWZONE My Virtual Home :)
    Happy New Year to everyone and get people addicted to your site! :)

  27. I just want the LCD screen
    Everything else you can leave with you I do not find any other use for my other toys..I have no need :)

  28. I can see now that Guy has moved into voiceover ...
    Alec you… 4 years 7 months I am registered on this site… a long time…

  29. Congratulations!!
    Congratulations for another 5 years !!!!!
    You do a wonderful job !!
    May I win one of the lotteries
    And, as one before said, it would be for Korno rather than Salaron

  30. Thank you very much 10
    I thank you very much for the wonderful prizes and I hope to be among the winners

  31. Congratulations on finding 1 HWzone
    A site that is just the most miserable and I am always amazed once again with all the respect and honest power to find number one HWzone Anne on you

  32. Hear your idea mighty.
    But give details online? Hmmm ... It's a little worrying, not you, the network, how secure you will always lurk in the corner, but technically you are 10 and you deserve the best of blessings and best wishes on the initiative that has always come in favor of the surfers, I wish you no more 5 years for another 50 year.

  33. Happy New Year and many thanks !!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win real cannons - you are great !!!!!

  34. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck and Happy New Year
    Keep up the great stories and we will celebrate with you until 120

  35. HWZONE - Great site
    You are the only hardware site in the country that I think is international level, like Hexus, Anandtech, etc. Keep it up!

  36. Amazing site congratulations for 5 years
    Congratulations on your birthday 5, an amazing invested site continued this way and channeled the site to high ratings


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